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Best Tennis Equipment for Beginners: Choosing A Tennis Racket

Updated on October 15, 2010

The choice of tennis equipment is very important for beginners as this initial step would dictate one’s progress in the game. Beginners should not make the mistake of purchasing heavy rackets for these are designed for particular use of the more advanced players. What novices should look for are those rackets that deliver power and are maneuverable. Other important primary considerations in choosing a racket are comfort and quality, with expensive brands only serving as secondary in the choice criteria.

As beginners are still on that stage of developing strength in their strokes, the suitable choices for tennis equipment will be rackets that are light or those that are within the 9 oz to 11 oz range. These light rackets provide better control for beginners who are still strengthening their swings. More pronounced vibration, however, is one disadvantage of these rackets that novices should expect.

tennis equipment
tennis equipment

Because rackets could be made from a diverse range of materials, the prices of these tennis equipment vary from the cheaper to the more expensive products.  The more affordable tennis rackets are those that are made up aluminum which are also light but a bit too flexible for some players.  There are rackets of this make that could be had for less than $50. 

Those beginning tennis players who are less concerned with prices should go for tennis equipment made of graphite.  Manufacturers of these graphite rackets add carbon fiber to the equipment in order to add strength and stiffness within the racket’s frame.  These graphite rackets usually range in price between $70 and $300. 

Beginners should also be careful in choosing the head size of the racket they will use. Along with the flexibility of the racket frame, head size determines the power generated by the equipment. As the head is essentially the part of the racket which hits the ball, a larger head size would deliver lesser control which is compensated by a larger hitting area.   

The racket head size ideal for beginners would be at approximately 115 square inches.  For comparison purposes, advanced players use rackets with head sizes that are either mid-size or mid-plus.  Racket heads of mid sizes measure 80 square inches to 95 square inches, while those that are mid-plus range from 95 to 105 square inches. 

Length of the racket should also be looked into in choosing the tennis equipment for beginners. A longer racket will give the player more reach, but it will also provide less control.  The ideal length of rackets for beginners is about 27 to 28 inches. Rackets shorter than these are for junior players.  These shorter rackets range from 21 inches for shorter kids to 25 inches for taller youngsters.  Kids who stand 4 feet should be given the shorter 21-inch rackets while youngsters already at 5 feet in height should use rackets 25 inches in length.   

In addition to considering the lightness and maneuverability of a racket, the tennis beginner should also examine if the equipment is ideal for serving.  Another factor to consider is if the tennis equipment could be suited not just for practice but for competition as well where comfort and rapid movement are necessary.


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