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Tennis Sport Design

Updated on November 13, 2013

Tennis Ball Time

My most popular product is this design on a round wall clock. When I first made it I never thought that it would be so well liked. It has been used by people to add a special touch in many places where the sport of tennis is the main theme. Great for the coaches office and even a players room. There are both round and square clocks so I made a square one with a pink background and it has become a delight for young girls interested in tennis. It makes me super happy to know that I am in some way increasing the happiness of others. I live in the United States and this has become popular in other countries making it even more fun for me.

Round Tennis Clock

Perfect idea for the tennis lover or coach.
Perfect idea for the tennis lover or coach. | Source


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Fastest Tennis Shots Video

Some Tennis History

Tennis is mentioned in literature as far back as the Middle Ages. The picture below shows the inventor of lawn tennis. Major Walter Clopton Wingfield who lived from the year 1833 to 1912. The sport of tennis is mentioned as ' Real Tennis ' and evolved over three centuries beginning in 12th century France.

Birth of Lawn Tennis


Real Tennis

Real tennis racquets and balls. Photo taken on May 4, 2005, by Peter Cahusac at the Falkland Palace Royal Tennis Club
Real tennis racquets and balls. Photo taken on May 4, 2005, by Peter Cahusac at the Falkland Palace Royal Tennis Club | Source

Evolution of Tennis in School

When I was in high school we had a tennis court. During the 1970's our school "Cardinal Brennan High School" was one of the only schools to have a court. Unlike today there were no school activities that included the sport of tennis or golf. Both of these sports are now widely practiced in the school curriculum's everywhere. I missed out on learning how to play the basics of the sport and I never did try to play on my own.

I sometimes wonder if things would be different for me if these types of sports were offered through school. Probably not because girls were not very involved in any many sports other than team basketball back then. Times have changed big time over the years and the best players are getting younger and younger. The only problem I see with this is that once you are on top where else is there to go but down.

Whatever level of the sport you play there are numerous tournaments available to players of all ages. This gave me the idea of designing a tennis trophy that is easy to customize and buy in a variety of shapes and sizes for different levels of winning.

Tennis Trophy

Acrylic Octagon Tennis Award
Acrylic Octagon Tennis Award | Source

Tennis on Television / Tennis Terms

Seems like one of the most viewed sports other than what I consider the big three. Football, basketball and baseball is tennis. This could be only at my house. My husband loves to watch tennis and I try to watch with him. I am still not sure of all the different terms and the way in which a player wins but it is fun trying to figure it out. I am still learning and here are a few of the more important terms. Otherwise known as terms I now am familiar with.

  • Ace - point the player who serves the ball gets when the other player does hit the ball
  • Lob - a play made high and deep when the other player is near the net
  • Seed - players rank when in a tournament
  • Serve - first shot made starting each point
  • Grand Slam - winning U.S. Open, Australian Open, French Open, and Wimbledon all in one year

Tennis Poll

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Tennis Score

I am still quite rusty when it comes to scoring tennis. I am repeatedly asking my husband to explain the same things over and over again. The score I find the most interesting is Love simply because of the word. One would think that Love is equal to 2 points but it is not.

  • Love = 0

Instead of making a point in tennis

  • First point = 15
  • Second point = 30 (that one makes sense only because the first is 15
  • Third point = 40 (now I am messed up again, shouldn't it be 60 ? )
  • Fourth point = game

So that all sounds pretty easy once you figure the point layout. It's not as easy as I thought.

I will try to explain the way the game is scored but don't use my information if you really need to have it correct. I am not yet sure enough with this sport to write about it without help form other places. To get the correct information you can find it on Wikipedia


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