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Tennis Tetherball

Updated on May 20, 2016

Tennis Tetherball - also called Swingball or Paddle Tetherball

Tennis Tetherball
Tennis Tetherball

Tennis Tetherball - new variation on a classic playground game

For children or adults, Tetherball is a classic playground game. It is enjoyed by children or adults, big or small. There is now a new variation of tetherball called tennis tetherball.

Tennis Tetherball is a combination of Paddle Tennis, Paddleball, and Tetherball. One main difference between tetherball and tennis tetherball is the ball itself. Instead of a tetherball ball which is about the size of a soccer ball, tennis tetherball uses a tennis ball attached to the end of a rope. Another difference is the pole. The tennis tetherball pole has a helical screw at the top and the winner is the player who gets the rope to the their end of the screw (either top or bottom). The advantage of the screw is that the ball stays the same distance from the pole as it goes around instead of the rope getting shorter and shorter as in standard tetherball.

Another difference is that the racquets in Tennis Tetherball are not Tennis raquets, but rather the raquets used are very similar to a Paddleball or Paddle Tennis racquet. They are made of plastic and they are used to hit the ball instead of using your hands.

A strategy difference between Tennis Tetherball and traditional tetherball is that height isn't as much as an advantage in Tennis Tetherball as it is in traditional tetherball. This allows kids of different ages and even kids and adults to compete on the same level.

Tennis Tetherball is a fast game and will enhance your hand eye coordination for other sports such as baseball and tennis. Besides that, it is fun too!

Also called Swingball

Tennis Tetherball Set

  • HOW IT WORKS: The All Surface Swingball (Tennis Tetherball) with Tether contains just what its called! You will be ready to play on any flat surface in no time. Fill the base with water or sand so that the pole will stay vertical and you're ready for a fun-filled game of Tennis Tetherball!
  • OBJECTIVE: Use the paddles to hit the ball around the pole against your opponent. The ball swings freely in a circle and travels up and down the spiral pole - which looks like a spring. Whoever wraps it around the top or bottom of the pole will be the winner. It is a perfect two player game, but you can even practice your hand eye coordination by yourself in a one player game.
  • CREATIVE DESIGN: The Swingball pole is in three sections and the height can easily be adjusted by leaving a section or two out. It stands up to 6' tall, so adults can join in the fun too. When you have had enough fun, you can put everything into the becomes a carrying case!
  • WHAT'S INCLUDED: 2 Paddles, 1 Swingball on a rope, 6' pole that breaks into 3 sections, and the base which doubles as a carrying case!
  • INTENDED USE: Swingball will provide hours of fun for anyone 6 years and up! Swingball (Tennis Tetherball) is the fun and portable version of traditional Tetherball so you can play anywhere there is a flat surface!

Playing Tennis Tetherball

Tennis Tetherball - Fun for Adults or Kids


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    • profile image

      TireTetherball 6 years ago

      Looks fun. Good HUB.

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      Interval training 6 years ago

      Great hub and tips.

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      jmo 7 years ago