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Tennis Twist Review

Updated on May 5, 2010

Tennis Twist Review

The Tennis Twist is a lightweight portable tennis ball machine and is the most affordable tennis ball machine on the market. Like all tennis ball machines it perfectly delivers tennis balls to you allowing you to get consistent and reliable practice for many hours. Tennis ball machines are a great device for practice because they are available whenever you need them so you don’t have to go bother your friends or coach. They are tireless as they can deliver ball after ball allowing you to maintain a consistent level of workout. And they also provide a technically efficient practice because they will give you the same throw time after time forcing you to work on the one aspect of your game.

The Tennis Twist is Tennis Tutor’s introductory model and it retails for just over $200. It has a unique spiral fed ball hopper that allows you to hold 28 balls and will fire out a ball every five seconds. The rate is not adjustable but it provides an excellent rate for you to strike the ball thoroughly, recover, and maybe a split second to think about your hit before you do it over again. At only 11 pounds this is by far the lightest of the tennis ball machines on the market. In fact, it’s hard to believe it’s only 11 pounds because the Tennis Twist battery weighs at least half of that. Speaking of which, the Tennis Twist is battery powered which allows it to be easily used anywhere. And use anywhere you can, I’ve used it on the courts, in my driveway, in the basement (I have a large basement). All you have to do is set it down, load the ball and turn it on and it’s ready to go. It doesn’t get much easier to use a tennis ball machine.

Tennis Twist Advantages

By far the best feature of the Tennis Twist is the price.  Most tennis ball machines retail for anywhere from $1000+.  I don’t know about you but that is some serious money to lay out on a tennis ball machine; I can see maybe for a team or a club but as far as tennis ball machines go this is the most affordable.  The low price tag also makes it great for tennis amateurs to get into practicing and really step up their game.  While it’s great for any but the top tennis athletes, the Tennis Twist is perfect for beginners.  The low cost and ease of use make it perfect for beginners to take the Tennis Twist to the courts and practice away. 

Another advantage to the Tennis Twist tennis ball machine is that it only weighs 11 pounds.  This is really important considering that all of the other tennis ball machines weigh between 40 and 50 pounds.  This can be very heavy for people who have a hard time lifting things; something you don’t have to worry about with the Twist.

The Tennis Twist will spit out a ball every five seconds or so at roughly 20 mph.  While some tennis athletes may consider this to be quite slow, this pace is perfect for warming up and getting some practice on a backhand or just getting some exercise.  With a little creativity, you can get a full blown workout doing some baseline or side-to-side exercises.

Tennis Twist Disadvantages

The biggest disadvantage to the Tennis Twist is the unit’s lack of oscillation.  The more professional tennis ball machines have built in oscillation functions that allow the balls to be delivered at different sides of the court.  With the Tennis Twist it only delivers the ball to a single location.  Depending on what you’re looking for this can be an advantage because it will require you to focus on your technique and follow through or it could bore you into wishing you had a more expensive machine.  Unfortunately this oscillation feature will end up costing you hundreds of dollars more.

Another disadvantage is the unit’s small ball capacity.  While more expensive machines will hold 150 to 200 balls in their gigantic hoppers, the 28 ball capacity pales in comparison.  I will say that while it would be nice to have more than 28 balls it really isn’t that big of a deal.  I’ve used a lobster tennis ball machine and it’s exhausting trying to sustain 100 balls at a time.  The smaller capacity gives you a quick break, you have fewer balls to pick up and just as importantly you have fewer balls to purchase.

Tennis Twist – Best Tennis Ball Machine Uses

My overall impression of the Tennis Twist is that it’s a well built unit that will deliver a quality practice aid for years to come.  Although it isn’t rich in features, you do get what you pay for and then some.  The best use of the Tennis Twist ball machine is for warming up and technical practice and specifically practice for beginners.  Having a Tennis Twist deliver balls to a beginner is perfect because it’s perfect for their level but it also allows a coach or mentor to be right next to the player and provide instruction instead of being across the net hitting balls (accurately or inaccurately) and shouting instructions.  I would highly recommend the Tennis Twist for kids because it’s very light and easy to use and it’s perfect for getting them into the sport.  It provides just enough practice before they lose their attention span and then they can run around and collect the balls and do it again.


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