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Tennis is a Sport for All

Updated on November 23, 2019
Tricia Deed profile image

Tricia learned how to play tennis during her college years. Here athletic abilities were at home in this sport.

Tennis Player Posed for Action

A young woman posed in readiness to receive the  ball.
A young woman posed in readiness to receive the ball. | Source


Tennis is a sport that satisfies physical and mental exercise, social interaction, and competition. It is a sport men, women and children can enjoy. Essentials for excellent playing are focus and discipline. It may be played as a recreational outlet or as a challenge of athletic abilities. There are no limitations.

Practice is necessary and is best with a partner as it prepares for the unexpected. When a partner is not available use a wall. The disadvantage of a wall is that it returns the ball in the same manner as delivery. I have learned from experience that the wall does not prepare you for challenging another person. Each person has a different strategy and tactic technique. This keeps it interesting and fun.

Tennis has proven to be a healthy activity. It provides overall physical, mental, and emotional growth for any group and for all genders. A person can initiate learning how to play when they are ready. Tennis is a lifetime sport.

Tennis Equipment

A racket, tennis balls, and a pair of tennis shoes.
A racket, tennis balls, and a pair of tennis shoes. | Source

Equipment and Clothing Tips

Beginners wear comfortable blouses and skirts or tee shirts and shorts, Fashionable threads are worn by professionals or advanced players. The most critical clothing item is appropriate shoes.

  1. Wear comfortable clothing made of breathable fabrics.
  2. A sweat band or a hat, and sunglasses.
  3. Footwear needs to be appropriate and suitable for surface conditions. These shoes need to function on different surfaces; consider traction, comfort, and cushioning.
  4. Wrist, ankle, and knee supports if needed.
  5. The racket is chosen by its head size, weight, and grip size. Hold racket in a forehand position. This determines the grip size and weight. The head size is where the ball strikes in the center of the racket. A large area is best for beginners. Professionals prefer a small spot to add speed to the ball.
  6. Use a bag to carry a change of clothing, skin care products, water bottle, first aid kit, special medications, warm-up exercise equipment, spare shoes, toiletries, and a towel. When spending one, two, or more hours on the court be prepared for personal care management.

How to Play

Before starting the game there is a coin toss to determine who serves. The rule when serving is to stand behind the baseline.

Tennis is played on a rectangular-shaped court. There are 2 players (singles) or 4 players (doubles) who will use their rackets to strike the ball to each other. Before hitting the ball it needs to bounce once. The opponent then strikes the ball within the confines of the court boundaries. The exchange continues until one player misses the ball. The loser scores 0 or love and the winner scores in numeric points.

Physical Benefits

Tennis is an excellent form of exercise for everyone. The entire body is worked before, during, and after the game. There are warm ups, activity during the game, and cool down stretches after playing.

  1. It is a total workout involving physical and mental abilities.
  2. There are combinations of squatting, sprinting, jumping from side to side, stretching, and scooping.
  3. Improves coordination, balance and agility
  4. Burns many calories
  5. Lowers body fat
  6. Cardio workout
  7. Improves metabolic function to help prevent heart disease, type 2 diabetes, and stroke.
  8. Increase muscle strength (especially legs), and toning
  9. Helps with bone density (beneficial for osteoporosis)

Brain and Emotional Benefits:

  1. Increase brain alertness and focusing
  2. Relieve stress
  3. Mood changer
  4. Improve self esteem and confidence
  5. Feel good about yourself for staying in shape and being healthy.

Tennis Fashion for the Court

Woman wearing a white v-neck blouse and a mini skirt..
Woman wearing a white v-neck blouse and a mini skirt.. | Source


Injuries may occur to bones and soft tissue of knees, elbows, and shoulder joints because of repetitive movements of serving and hitting the ball. I had learned to play tennis while in college and fortunately I never experienced injuries; most are preventable.


  1. Warm up before playing
  2. Strength building exercises
  3. Body alignment
  4. Striking the ball correctly (Practice techniques)
  5. Lessons from a an excellent instructor
  6. Proper shoes
  7. Wrist, ankle, and knee guards as preventatives for these weaknesses.
  8. Headband and sunglasses for clear vision.
  9. Play at your level of abilities.
  10. Break when needed.
  11. Use a safe court and in favorable weather conditions
  12. Apply sun tan lotions to prevent sunburns.

Tennis Court

A tennis net setup in center court.
A tennis net setup in center court. | Source

Types of Courts

Some of us may have the opportunity to play all three types of courts. The majority of people play on concrete or asphalt courts. These surface types are normally used in schools, community centers, apartment and residential locations, and club houses. Wear cushioned shoes for support and protection.

  1. Grass presents a fast game and low ball bounce
  2. Clay gives a slower game, and the ball tends to bounce higher
  3. Hard surfaces produce a fast game, a reasonable ball bounce, but is difficult on players.

Court Locations:

  1. Schools for student usage
  2. Community Centers provide free or a small fee for public use.
  3. Sport Centers charge fees.
  4. Apartments have courts for residents as an amenity.
  5. Gated communities provide for residents and their guests
  6. Private clubs require membership fees
  7. The Department of Parks and Recreation have camps and clinics There are fees.

How to Score Tennis from a Teacher


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