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Buy The Best Wooden, Metal or Plastic Tent Peg-Tent Stakes

Updated on May 13, 2018

Buy tent pegs

Tent pegs, tent anchors or tent stakes as they are known around the world are the single most important item when you want to go camping.

If your tent is not anchored correctly it won't be a tent very long it will be a big piece of material floating through the air.

People spend hundreds of dollars on a tent but fail to anchor it correctly?

Tent pegs are essentially an anchor. This anchor is used to secure your tent to the ground usually by hooking a guide rope over or through the peg; then hammering the tent peg into the ground.

Some tent peg's are designed specifically to be used directly on your tent's material.

Tent peg's come in all shapes, sizes and materials. The most commonly used are made from wood, metal, plastic or a mixture of more than one material.

Nature also provides natural tent pegs in the form of twigs or broken branches.


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Using a tent peg

Using a tent peg correctly is the key to securing your tent sufficiently enough to prevent it from blowing away. The way you use the tent peg is dependant on the type of pegs you are using pegs.

Popular shapes are a straight peg with a hook or loop at the top. The most effective way to use this type of peg is to put it through the guide rope then either by hand or using a hammer/mallet force it into the ground at a 45 degree angle until the hook grips the ground. The hook should be at the furthest distance from the tent to give maximum grip.

If you are using an angled tent peg for example a Delta peg which is shaped like a V; the peg is forced into the ground so one of the edges is flat to the ground.

Tip: If there is a guide rope or loop directly onto the tent; use it. Never skimp on using pegs. Not using all of the anchor points is asking for trouble as the tent is designed to get stability, shape and security from correct anchoring.

So many times I have seen campers in the pleasant weather of the day put only a handful on tent pegs on the tent. At 3am in morning when the wind has reached gale force and the rain is coming down in sheets it is too late to start pegging a tent down.

Wooden Tent Pegs

The original wooden tent peg is supplied by mother nature herself, this kind of peg has been used for probably millions of years and it is available for free everywhere.

It is the simple tree branch or twig. Any sturdy piece off a tree will work as a tent peg; they also have natural bobbles/knots which are ideal for attaching guide ropes.

Commercially there are all kinds of wooden stakes out there. They are generally sturdy and reliable but do eventually lose their rigidity so have to be replaced.

Metal Tent Pegs

Metal tent pegs seem to be the most popular at the moment. Most tent manufacturers supply a mixture of metal and plastic pegs with their product.

Metal tent pegs are also very useful when you want to double peg a guide rope, double pegging means using two pegs at opposing 45 degree angles like an X.


Plastic Tent Pegs

Plastic tent pegs can be used on guide ropes but are best used directly onto the tent. Most tents have material loops around the bottom or on the ground sheet; the plastic tent peg is not as harsh as metal so reduces the risk of ripping the tent.

Rock Pegs

Rock pegs are the "DADDY" of tent pegs. They are thicker and have an aggressive plastic claw that grips the ground perfectly. They are used when the ground is very hard but I doubt they can be used directly into rock as the name suggests.

Final Word

Tent pegs are small in size but massive in importance, When going on a camping trip always make sure you take enough pegs and them some. Don't leave any guide ropes unpegged as trust me from experience you will regret it later.

Make your own tent peg

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© 2010 Aiden Roberts


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