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Texas A&M Fightin' Squirrels Flag Football Plays

Updated on October 19, 2011

Ok Squirrels, here's a few plays that I drew up (I had some free time). They are pretty complicated (but there's only 4), so if we decide to use them, I could just print them out and we could bring them into the huddle or something. Idk, just give me your thoughts on it. I gave each position a different color, and hopefully we can just say "I'm green, you're blue", or something like that.

We could even do something easier like holding out numbers for routes, but we just need some sort of a plan. And plus, we're good enough to go far into the playoffs.

Since the game's on Sunday, we could probably come up with plays before the game, but we could use these as a starting point.

****Only thing to note is that RED is the CENTER and GREEN is the QB. Arrows mean keep running. If a line has no arrow at the end, it's a stop. If there's a perpendicular line, it means to block. If it says to block in the middle of a route, basically just stall for 1-2 seconds (and block) in case someone rushes.

Rollout and look at the different levels. If short is covered, look for purple on backside or orange chillin in the middle. Don't force anything, Qb run if it's open.

This is a long play. Center clears out (can also block if two ppl rush). Shouldn't be open until receivers get to the other side of the field. Keep an eye on orange for the long ball. You can rollout either way IF necessary.

Watch safeties on this. Someone WILL be open deep if it's cover 2. Dump it off to the center or Rb if rushed too hard. Rb blocks for 3 seconds, then goes on route. Orange stalls until purple gets ahead, then goes on a deep slant.

Semi-long play, look for orange and red crossing, then look to yellow. Not sure if this is good for cover 3, but I had to have four plays to make it even.


Not sure what defense we want to do, but here's a cover 2/cover 4 idea. Whatever we were doing last week worked pretty well though. This is sort of what we were doing; correct me if I'm wrong.

The BIGGEST thing is communication. If two receivers are crossing, yell it out and tell the other DB or LB about it. Even before the play it's useful. Tell the defense if you're manning up on someone or if the offense is stacked to one side, etc...



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    • profile image

      Kaitlyn 6 years ago

      This is excellent.Great job, really.