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Texas Rangers' Future with Bush?

Updated on July 14, 2017

Matt Bush July 2, 2017

Bush blew one of his many saves against the White-Sox.
Bush blew one of his many saves against the White-Sox. | Source
The Rangers lead the league in blown saves.
The Rangers lead the league in blown saves. | Source

Is Bush Really Helping?

Right-handed closer for the Texas Rangers, Matt Bush, has been the picture of controversy these past few months. Should he be traded? Or should he not? Some of public readers might not be caught up with the information, but Bush is leading the Rangers and fifth in the league in blown saves. In other words, when the Rangers have the lead, it isn't smart at all to put in Matt Bush. The Rangers record isn't in a position to where they can let go of some games. At this point, every single game counts to stay over .500 and make it to the playoffs. We can't have right-handed pitcher Bush to come in and blow the lead and lose an possible opportunity. Although his stats do seem very dominating, with a 98 mph average fastball, he isn't great on the matter of luck or some might say "Bush isn't clutch".

Matt Bush was (surprisingly) selected first overall in 2004 by the San Diego Padres. He was drafted out of high school as a shortstop and received a signing bonus of $3.15 mil, which was the second highest given to a Padres draft pick. Through his first three years, Bush struggled and hit around .200 each season, and suffered a broken ankle injury. Then in the middle of his 2007 season he was converted to a pitcher throwing his fastball reaching 98 miles per hour (158 km/h). After his promising start to his pitching career, Bush tore a ligament in his elbow and underwent Tommy John surgery through 2008.

These series of events were slightly difficult for Bush to emerge as a top pitcher. Starting as a shortstop with an uneasy batting average, pitching was probably a secondary position but not his strong suite. Although he does have the promising pitching coaches, talent does have to come in play somewhere.

Now the question is 'What do we do with him?' Bush is a great pitcher with a strong pitching arsenal, but is it just a matter of timing for his place on the mound? It is a bit obvious that Bush performance isn't very commanding during a save position, so does this responsibility of the blown saves slightly fall on Jeff Banister's (current Texas Ranger's manager) shoulders? Although there isn't much information on Banister, but as a former professional baseball player I'm pretty sure he isn't blind to a good pitcher and a good pitcher with bad luck. Is this a matter bigger than it really is? Or is the MLB secretly rigged?

Important decision for the Rangers

Should the Rangers trade Matt Bush for another closer?

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