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That boy from Manchester

Updated on October 26, 2012

It all started in Manchester in a small town called hattersley which some of you may of heard off in a pub cellar. The clanging of chains coming from the dark, damp cellar as the little kid pummeled away at the punching bag. The kid would sometimes come into the bar which his mum and dad owned to help them with a few odd jobs and the regulars got to know the kid very well. The pub was a local pub and was a good one which had very rarely seen fights. The boy was born in stockport and went to hattersley high school but eventually found a boxing club to train at his favorite football team was Manchester city the blue side of Manchester who recently won the English premier league i am a red so you could probably imagine how i felt about that. Eventually the boy started a career in boxing after trying football and kickboxing in which his younger brother gave him a pummeling. The boys father owned a carpet fitting business and gave the boy a job but after the boy nearly cut off his fingers the father gave him a salesman job instead. Anyway enough of the letting you try to guess because you probably already know who i am going on about and its Ricky "the hitman" hatton and he became known as one of Britain's best ever boxers and will go down in history as the boy from Manchester that made it in the sometimes harsh world of boxing.

Hatton v Kosta (Not my choice of song sorry)

Richard hatton is a British boxer and has know also turned his hand at promoting as well which he trains his fighters at his gym at the top of market street in Hyde. Hatton retired from boxing 3 years ago in 2009 after a humiliating* (by his own admission) defeat to manny pacquio who is a philipino boxer. On the 14th of September 2012 Ricky let us all know that he was to make a comeback to the boxing ring which for me as a huge Ricky hatton fan was very exciting to hear of which 2 days after his fight was announced to be Ukrainian Vyacheslav Senchenko i went to purchase some tickets to watch the fight but was physically stunned and gutted to find out that they were sold out within hours of the announcement.

Ricky hatton was born in stockport, but raised in hattersley a small over-spill estate on the edge of Manchester which you may of heard of in the news from time to time but not for good reasons. I love hattersley as grew up there when i was a kid and when i moved my Nan and granddad still lived there but they have been moved up to mottram up the road know because there house got knocked down to build a Tesco's on anyway that's enough of my story this is about Ricky hatton. The thing is Ricky was not always into boxing because as a kid he was very much into football and had trials at football teams but as Ricky has always admitted he had two left feet. He started to train at a boxing club in Hyde with a man called teddy who i knew from louvoulite boxing club in Hyde. Ricky's first debut fight was in 1997 with a guy called Colin Mcauley in which Ricky won by (TKO) technical knockout in boxing basically he totally out smarted the guy. One of the best fights that i have ever seen Ricky fight is the fight against kosta tszyu on the 5th of June 2005 which i watched on television. Kosta was regarded as one of the best pound for pound fighters in the world so you could just imagine what all Ricky's critics were saying cant you anyway Ricky was the under dog as he usually was in most of his fights. A lot of rumors circulated before the fight that Kosta was unwell and was fighting a cold but there was never any evidence to say so as you have to have a doctor to give you the go ahead for any fight and if you are deemed unfit your not allowed to fight. The fight was amazing and Ricky knocked Kosta down a few times but in the end it was victory for Ricky which put him in know with the big time fighters. Ricky's promoter was frank warren from which he split from for reasons i dont want to talk about he was replaced by Ricky hatton's father ray hatton.

Other fights that Ricky has had are as follows:

Hatton v malanaggi- Ricky won by TKO

Hatton v mayweather junior- Mayweather won by KO

Hatton v collazo- victory by points

Hatton v lazcano- unanimous decision

There is many other fights but way too many too mention. Ricky has always been admired for his charisma and attitude in and out of the ring. He supports Manchester city of which the blue moon song is is used for his sometimes brilliant ring entrances. Ricky is very good mates with Wayne Rooney from Manchester united who once carried Ricky's belts into the ring.

Ricky has always been critisised for ballooning his weight up in between fights. He has a weakness for full English breakfasts and a big quench for beer especially Guinness in which he has famously been nicknamed Ricky FATTON Ricky just puts it all down to having a lot on his plate at the moment.

Hatton has been awarded an MBE for services to sport but its not just sport that he has contributed too its also charity as well. In 2010 Ricky was in the headlines apparently for snorting a class A substance and was on a downward spiral in depression he later admitted himself into the priory for rehab and decided to give up his drinking binges also. Hatton's drug abuse was not that bad it seemed to be the depression and booze that more worried doctors. It was Emma bowe (Irish women's boxing champion) who let the cat out of the bag because she was worried about her friend at the time and did not gain anything financial from this.

One word THE FANS amazing and i mean what a following this man received everywhere he went they followed as loyal as ever and they even invented a song as well and it goes something like this:

There's only one Ricky Hatton,
One Ricky Hatton,
Walking along,
Singing this song,
Walking in a Hatton wonderland.

Ricky hatton's next fight will be on November 24th at the M.E.N arena in Manchester and it will also be aired on the British PPV called prime time. I dont know what the odds are at the bookmakers at the moment but i am going to say not just as a big fan of rick's that he will win this fight as he has the fire that he seemed to have lost in his last few fights before retirement. I have seen pictures of him on his twitter page and he looks absolutely fantastic.

Will ricky hatton win his next fight against Vyacheslav Senchenko..?

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