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The 10 Quickest Fights In MMA History!

Updated on February 9, 2012

Speed Kills: The Fastest MMA Fights !

 What can  a person do in under five seconds ? Push a button on your remote controller,sneeze, blink once or twice. What can a professional MMA fighter do in Under five seconds ? Knock somebodys lights out.

In the following article i have found the Top 10 quickest MMA fights, in all of Mixed Martial Arts history.Some of these fights end in under five seconds, and others end under 20 seconds. It is every MMA fighters goal to end a fight as quickly as possible, with out taking any damage. These 10 fights are the very definition of that goal, so check them out.

Knock Out Strike


Fighters:Chris Willems VS Akoni Nakila.

Time: 9 seconds

Event: Rumble On The Rock Beatdown 4

this was Chris Willems and Akoni Nakila's first MMA fight, but it will also be Nakila last fight. with in the first 8 seconds of the fight Willems Landed a devastating right high kick that ended the fight

NO 9

Fighters: James Irvin VS Houston Alexander

Time: 8 Seconds

Event: UFC Fight Night 13

James Irvin came storming out of the gate, he faked a low kick and then came with a super-man punch that landed his right hand on Houston's chin. Houston Alexander was knocked out right away.

NO 8

Fighters: Todd Duffee VS Tim Hague

Time: 7 Seconds

Event: UFC 102

Todd Duffee was a un-knowed fighter up till this bought, Duffee was known for his chiseled body and good looks, and no body expected him to knock out Tim Hague in under 10 secounds.

NO 7

 Fighters: Takanori Gomi VS Ralph Gracie

Time: 6 seconds

 Event: Pride Bushido 3

Ralph Gracie decided to not touch gloves with Gomi at the beging of the fight. when the bell rang Gracie dance around for a few seconds and then tried a double leg take down, Gomi was prepared for the take down and he landed a huge right knee to Ralph's face, that ended the fight.

Knock Out Reel

NO 6

 Fighters: Joey Villasenor VS Hank Weis

Time: 5 seconds

 Event King Of The Cage 38

When the bell rang these two fighters touched gloves and then danced around a little bit. Hank Weis through a jab and then what looked to be a flying Knee, but Joey was 10 times faster and landed a power full right hand that ended the fight.

No 5

 Fighters: Norifumi Yamamoto VS Kazuyuki Miyata

Time: 4 secounds

Event:K-1 Hero's 5

Norifumi Yamamoto, was  coming off some very impressive wins over Genik Sudo, and Royler Gracie, and it was no surprise that Norifumi was a great fighter with powerfull hands. This knock out was one of the best Knock outs of all time. Norifumi came storming out of the gate with a running flying knee that landed on Miyata's face. Miyata diddent even try to move or block the knee, he just took the shoot and got knocked out because of it. 

NO 4

 Fighters: Chris Clements VS lautari Tucas

Time: 3 Seconds

Event: TKO 35

Right from the starting bell Tucas came flying. Tuca tried to land a flying ,super-man style Knee, but Clements  timed him very good and landed a great strait right hand to Tucas face that ended the fight.

NO 3

 Fighters: Steve Ramirez VS Darvin Wattree

Time: 3 Secounds

Event: Pure Combat 9

The two fighters both stepped into the ring and squared off face to face against one another. Wattree posed for a split second, and Ramirez through a over hand right that knocked Wattree out cold.

NO 2

 Fighters: Ryohei Masuda VS Takahiro Kuroishi

Time: 2 Seconds

Event: Rings - The outsider 2

Kuroishi just charged at Masuda right when the bell rang. Masuda who is a very experienced MMA fighter countered Kuroishi and landed a right hand that ended the fight. After he landed the right hand, everybody rushed the ring, and a huge royal rumble-style brawl broke out, with security rushing to the ring to stop the brawl.

NO 1

 Fighters: Cale Grady VS Ryan Chavarria

Time: 2 Seconds

Event: Cage Kings

as is with most 2 seconds fights, the two fighters both meat in the center of the ring, square off and one man throws a punch that lands the knock out blow. with this fight it was Chavarria who threw the first punch that knocked out Grady.

Final Thoughts !

 So there you have it, The 10 Quickest fights in MMA history. as with any MMA or combat sport event the goal is to end the fight as quickly as possible. the above fighters shown that they can easily end a fight in the first round.

Some times a quick Knock out can be very fun to watch, but almost always it's not much fun for the fighter that is getting Knocked out. In this short article you learned about the quickest MMA fights in the history of MMA i hope you enjoyed it.


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