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The 12 Defining Reasons Why I Never Played High School Football

Updated on January 3, 2019
kenneth avery profile image

Kenneth is a rural citizen of Hamilton, Ala., and has begun to observe life and certain things and people helping him to write about them.

The Introduction to This Very Dramatic

hub deals with me. No one else. I might have touched on this subject in times past, but now I want to elaborate on my subject which I will share with you in a moment.

Please do not misunderstand this hub. I am very honest in its presentation. Thereby I do not want people to come away from reading this piece and have mixed feelings about my topic which right now I shall reveal . . .The 12 Defining Reasons Why I Never Played High School Football.

And if you are a novice reader of my works, you will soon learn that my text can be used metaphorically, in very dramatic terms as well as comic relief—all for the reading FREE of charge. Now who would offer you such a deal than yours truly?

 A typical high school football game in October.
A typical high school football game in October. | Source
This is how I look in 2019.
This is how I look in 2019. | Source

Before I Continue

I just want to share with you, my current photo (above). Not that the world will end or certain nuclear war will break out, no. I just want you to know that I am the responsible party for this hub and all of the ideas that you will soon read.

2.) Girls – rated high in my years in high school and even when football season was going (August through October) I chose to date girls rather than go out for football, but I made a huge social error. Not one girl that I called would go out with me on “Game Night,“ due to them, (the girls) all having a boyfriend who was on our football team. So that one painful decison caused me more than one heartache. No playing football and no girlfriends.

11.) Cars – were also big when I was young and in high school. But my love for football and getting to drive our family car made me feel torn, so I threw out the dream for football and went head-long for getting to drive our car on Friday, Saturday nights and Sunday afternoons. Did I miss football? Sure. For a few moments.

10.) Politics – reared its ugly head prior to me wanting to play football. I wanted to find a teammate who came from a common background, but that was impossible because there was Steve; Allan; Cy and Tommy, all sons of our town‘s leading merchants and certainly no friends to me and those like me. I think, now looking back, that I made the right decision with (this) decision.

9.) Self-Discipline – was very important to our head football coach, the now-late L.C. Fowler. At the first of the school year, he went about talking to the guys who he wanted to play on his team and then handed them a pamphlet telling them about a certain diet that he demanded from his players—the things that we could and couldn‘t have. The thing was the couldn‘t‘s outweighed the could‘s and with the couldn‘t‘s were candy bars, chips, sodas and honeybuns. This was an easy decision because I grew to love all of these tasty items.

8.) Schoolwork – was very important for me having to really dig for passing grades in order to graduate. So there was many times when I would take extra work home with me to turn in the next week and I can tell you this in all honesty: I graduated, so there.

7.) Vietnam – was the major concern for guys my age who were coming of Draft age, so my blessed mother, rest her soul, told me that if I failed in my high school studies, she would not punish me and I asked her why. She said that if I were in school, the Army couldn‘t touch me. What a great mom she was. She was even more of a rebel than Joan Baez.

6.) Jobs – or the lack there of was the reason most guys didn‘t go out for football. Some went to work for some of their families and they got to use their jobs as Graduation Units, so the choice was clear. Play football, but not graduate or work and stand a better chance to bring home the sheep skin.

5.) Popularity – was very important to those in my class. I tried to be popular and even went as far as talking to a guy or two who was on the football team and he told me that popularity wasn‘t what it was cracked up to be. Duhhhh??? This coming from a guy who dated a majorette and a cheerleader at the same time. When I weighed the Popularity Pro‘s and Con‘s for my life, the Con‘s won.

4.) Equipment – such as helmets, shoulder pads and the rest became the sole responsibility of the player on the team. He had to beg his mom to wash and dry his jersey and pants and to me this was way too much of a hassle for me to drag my mother into doing something that I knew I would not enjoy.

3.) The Play Book – was given out to every member of the football team and each player was told to never let anyone see the contents or be expelled. Besides, me having to memorize historical dates and things about Economics was about all that I could retain. No Play Book for me.

2.) Playing Favorites – was very evident even if a team member did his best on every practice that was held. I did some homework (not scholastic) about whom would get to play in the game and I found out that the local merchants‘ kids got first choice and the other guys would just be there to warm the bench. Hardly anyone like me was ever asked to go in for so and so, and that made it easier for me to NOT play football.

And the most Important Reason Why I Didn‘t Play High School Football was . . .

1.) Mission: Impossible – was on CBS and on every Friday night and I just could not enjoying this show and so I made the choice and no, this hub will not disintegrate when you finish reading.

January 3, 2019________________________________

 A running back sweeps right end in a dramatic game. NOTE: I am not either of these football players.
A running back sweeps right end in a dramatic game. NOTE: I am not either of these football players. | Source

© 2019 Kenneth Avery


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