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The 2012 Little League World Series and the Petaluma All-Stars

Updated on August 27, 2012

I think many adults have never, ever even paid much attention to the US Little League World Series or the championship games UNTIL the Petaluma All-Stars. I know I did not and the town and team is only 20 minutes from where I live.

These kids are the kind that movies are made of. They showed this in the edge of your seat championship game between them (representing the West Coast) and the Tennessee team (representing the East Coast). The winner of that game would play in the World Series and Japan. How ironic that Japan produces great baseball players, I mean, they did not even start playing the sport much until the Americans imported it after 1945, after WW2 and they occupied the country.

If you had missed this championship game, you missed one that seemed to change every 5-10 minutes, at times. I know, in a space of 20 minutes, the scores went from 15-5 (Tennessee favor) to a tie game! Bases loaded and home runs were the reason-stunning! But it did not stop there, the two juggernauts battled it out. The Tennessee team thought they had it pegged for most of game and then suddenly became very worried at the bottom of the 6th inning. The game ended with Petaluma losing 24-16! Huh, this is NOT football. Since when is any baseball game so high scoring? In the three hour game, the two teams set several little league records for the most ever runs scored and a combined 35 hits. Even some of the pitching from both teams remained excellent.

But, Petaluma proved resilient and everyone loves the underdog. Petaluma went on to clobber Panama. Japan, who feared the Tennessee team, slammed them with little difficulty, 12-2 , in the World Series game. If only Petaluma had won! Petaluma's little league team is such a winner, they are the world's 3rd best little league team. When they arrived home in Northern California, they were greeted like the champions they are and road in limos back to the small town, once known as the "egg capital of the world" for its chicken farms.


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