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The 2014 NBA Finals

Updated on June 15, 2014
Photo Sports Nation
Photo Sports Nation
PicturesDepot.Com Photo
PicturesDepot.Com Photo
TheScore.Com Photo
TheScore.Com Photo

Tim Duncan and LeBron James

It's commonly known throughout the NBA that there's no substitute for talent. Yours' truly likes to push the envelope though,

"...there's no substitute for talent in the NBA, and...experience!", The Voice of One.

For now the Spurs and the Heat remain kings of the NBA. The kings will eventually be dethroned and the team which eventually unseats them will relish this victory as the absolute biggest in their franchise history. It's inevitable, however for now Tim Duncan, LeBron James and company remain Lords of the Rings.

The 2014 NBA Finals should be epic.

Tim Duncan is a warrior and has earned the right to retire on his own terms, but the 2013 NBA Finals were bitter-sweet for Duncan. Duncan played outstanding throughout the playoffs, but missed two easy opportunities in the closing minutes of game six, which would had giving him the perfect ending to a story book career. Tim Duncan is looking for retribution in the 2014 NBA Finals, but just like his San Antonio Spurs, the Miami Heat are a well oil winning machine.

On the other side of this coin you will find Lebron James. Contrary to sound bites and other popular believes, James does not care much any longer about individual accolades. His play seems directly focus at surpassing the NBA's Greatest Player, Ever Legacy, Michael Jordan. Which would explain Michael Jordan's continue refusal to really publicly acknowledge Lebron James as the best player in the NBA.

Jordan maintains that when healthy Kobe Bryant is a better player than Lebron James.

Michael Jordan will never willingly give up his title as Greatest, Ever! without a fight, is not in his nature.

Which supporting cast will play better...Tim Duncan or Lebron James'?

AP Photo
AP Photo

Miami Heat versus San Antonio Spurs

Scouting is not really necessary in these NBA Finals. Everyone is familiar with both teams and frankly who can believe any injury report after the Oklahoma City Thunder pulled that Serge Ibaka Snow Job in the Western Conference Finals?

The superstars of each team will outright determine the outcome of a couple games, that's a given. What will be difference then? The role players.

Which supporting cast will play better...Tim Duncan or Lebron James'?

The new NBA Finals format can also be factor.The 2014 Finals will follow a 2-2-1-1-1 format rather than the 2-3-2 format which has been use for the last 29 years.

Cast your vote!

Which team will win the 2014 NBA Finals?

  • 50% Miami Heat
  • 50% San Antonio Spurs
2 people have voted in this poll.

This poll is now closed to voting.

NBA fans make #LeBroning a trending topic

Photo AP/Eric Gay
Photo AP/Eric Gay | Source

NBA Finals Game One

The stifling arena temperature in Game 1 of the NBA Finals helped trigger the severe leg cramping of Miami Heat superstar LeBron James, who exited the game cringing and needing assistance.

Fans took the opportunity to turn James' moment of weakness into a photo mock meme fest and made #LeBroning a trending topic.

4 out of 5 stars from 1 rating of for this Hub and Share

#Lebroning's fifteen minutes of fame end as the Miami Heat wins game two

Photo Sports Nation
Photo Sports Nation

NBA Finals Game Two

#Lebroning's fifteen minutes of fame end as the Miami Heat wins game two.

A Veteran Player Becomes a Rookie Coach in New York

Photo Lisa  Blumenfield / Getty Images
Photo Lisa Blumenfield / Getty Images

Let the rebuilding begin in New York!

In just a few months as team president, Phil Jackson has made it a point that he wants to rebuild the Knicks by relying on his own network of associates and alliances. Jackson is determined in building this inner circle in New York and although Steve Kerr decided to start his coaching career else where, the Great Communicator has chosen the very best next thing--Derek Fisher--to coach the New York Knicks..

San Antonio ‪‎Spurs‬ pounce on the ‎Miami Heat‬ and take a 2-1 lead in ‎NBA‬ Finals

Photo SI
Photo SI

San Antonio Spurs take a commanding 3-1 lead in NBA Finals over Miami Heat

Photo SI
Photo SI

Miami Heat’s flaws exposed

San Antonio #Spurs are playing fundamentally much, much better than Miami in these NBA Finals. Erik Spoelstra is simply being out-coach by Greg Popovich at every turn...there's no excuse for the #MiamiHeat being blown out in back to back home games and for him just continue to use same game plan when obviously is not working. Ray Allen bailed out Spoelstra in last year's Finals, but it seems Popovich and his Spurs aren't leaving anything to chance this time around.

How did this NBA Finals go from riveting rematch to romp?

Photo Miami Herald
Photo Miami Herald

Kawhi Leonard wins NBA Final's MVP, the kid played great and he is a class act ...well deserve!


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