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The 2014 Sochi Olympic Figure Skating: Rescoring 3

Updated on September 18, 2014

Mao Asada in short

Thanks to one of you, generous visitors, I am able to continue to re-score. My heartfelt thanks.

I didn't find significant problems in Asada's skating in short, except jump. It was the usual Asada. The thing is however, Asada's jump balance became out of place after the first jump failure.

Her body language didn't signal anything wrong particularly. I think that she was in shock mentally, unable to recover, I mean, her confidence. It's more due to her psychological damage than technical issue.

Of course, her jumps look too flawed, and even visible. Jump accuracy has been her Achilles heel during her career. But this time, Asada's mental fortitude was completely whacked.

My score is not different from the official score. My verdict is 55 with 8.5 in PCS.

Sochi Short in 2014

Sochi Free in 2014

Kostner in Sochi Free

Oh Kostner! Kostner! You've got me!

Lesson one here is:

Never judge until you watch in HD.

I kind of felt that I was being too generous to Kostner, but in HD version, I was totally embarrassed. Kostner here is such a letdown.

I am coming out clean. I've found myself chuckling: Hey, you know-it-all, take that! How would you like that? You are always chewing on us. Now you know how difficult it is to judge!

I see a devil impersonating an ISU judge calling me out to raspberry.

Okay you've got me.

I won't lie to you. First, I am not too humiliated to speak the truth. Yeah, it's a honest mistake, but as you see, unless you juxtapose different performances, that is compare them side by side, you may be prejudiced.

Like I was fooled by the poor quality video. Yeah, quite incredible but I must say wow! I said to myself, see? I always told you Kostner can't match with Asada.

You know what, after I watched Asada's short, I realized I couldn't award Kostner 8.25 in PCS. Kostner in HD is too slow and too cautious and too unwilling.

That is not the way of skating for a top skater. I only can mark her 7.75 in PCS and strip her of all GOE, which gives her barely over 120.

Come to think of it, I think people who had voted in my other article was pretty correct. I checked to see how differently people view every now and then. Normally I stick to my opinion, but for this one I concur to viewers' judgment.

But I can think of one good thing about this blunder. This is why in the past , even now, judges observed skaters before competition. In 6.0 the judges positioned top skaters to the last, and often those in the last group almost always were guaranteed to win.

That makes sense.

You may wonder how that can make sense. Actually that's what I am going to explain shortly. Anyway let's move on. I am embarrassed enough here.

How do you score Asada's short?

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Sochi Free in 2014

Mao Asada's Free

Those judges marked a wrong edge on Asada's lutz.

Asada's wrong edge is not a secret but I wonder how they can't see a sink hole wider and deeper in the arena, as Lipnitskaia or even Sotnikova skates while they are able to tell the angle of Asada's ankle.

I commend Asada for her spirit after her disastrous short. Her moves on ice prove that she is indeed a top skater today.

But I think her short has got under her skin. Asada appears tense and her body seems still caught in trauma, but she fought back and came victorious. I give my big thumb up to her courage.

However, her most jumps are marked from -1 to -2 by me.

My verdict is 125 with the average 8.0 PCS.

How do you score Asada's free?

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Mysterious Kostner: Two faced Kostner

Now take a look at another side of Kostner.

What a difference she shows! At least I expect her to skate just like the one below. That's how a top skater should skate.

I am not talking about jump. I am not even talking about whether she succeeds in jump or not. The issue is how you skate, how you jump, how you spin and how you move.

It is a matter of debate for some time ago: If you fall, your PCS will be affected. Yes and no.

As far as the principle of COP goes, your jump failure shall not affect your PCS. As I mentioned before, it is compartmentalization is at work under the COP. And your jump got penalized already in GOE or by technical panel. You are not subject to double punishment.

However, it is not possible for your PCS to completely immune from your multiple jump failures. Your skating is bound to show deficiency when you keep bombing or crash multiple times.

The bottom line is that it will not dramatically shift you from your basic PCS.

Carolina Kostner in 2012

How do you score Kostner in the above?

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    • profile image

      Yunawhatimean 3 years ago

      Oh, boy, here's that Robz again, spewing about the nonsensical 3 UR's. Ur 6 URs is nonsense. LOL.

      8 triples, yes, but that doesn't mean they were all executed, not when there were URs and Flutz. So when correctly calculated, Mao only executed 5 triples, which is actually 1 LESS than Yuna's 6, and they were quite poorly done. Just check the score sheet. Despite the Sochi judges were trying to keep Yuna's score down, still her GOE's are higher than Mao due to her textbook jump technique. Oh, and let's not forget Mao was traveling in her spins.

      9th hardest, yet it was the most beautifully executed program.

      Anyone can come up with the most challenging program, but it means nothing when it was poorly executed. It's elementary, dear.

      And it's only you who is coming up with nonsense like 3 URs.

      3 URs??? LOL

    • profile image

      rz7 3 years ago

      125 for an 8-triple are you retarded?

      142 for the 9th hardest 6-triple with 3 underrotations? What the hell is this nonsense?

    • profile image

      anna bella 3 years ago

      Mao Asada .Carolina Kostner .It's a complete sham