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The 2014 Sochi Olympics Figure Skating: Rescoring 2

Updated on September 17, 2014

Carolina Kostner in 2014

Kostner's Bolero

Kostner is a one of top skaters today. Although she is not a good jumper and not a good spinner, I give her credit for her resilience.

But I can't stand her Bolero, to be honest. No blowing kiss stunt, please.

Bolero, in my very prejudiced opinion, ought to be banned in senior competition. It's time to give juniors that outmoded relic of figure skating.

Knowing her past record, I don't want to be too critical but I can't help feeling that it's like your buying a few used clothes from a Goodwill thrift store and trying to sell them with a brand new price in JCpenny.

I know I must content with a fact that she didn't bomb her jumps.

I want her to be more aggressive and more definitive in body moves. Well, second thought, never mind. That may be the beginning of disaster, I am afraid. I will be content with what she is.

My verdict is 125, which is, I think, very generous. I had a hard time to persuade myself to award her with the average of 8.25 in PCS.

How to understand GOE and PCS

Due to the difficulty in finding Youtube videos of Mao Asada and Carolina Kostner's Olympic performances, I put a hold on the further re-scoring.

Based on my vague memory of their performances, the scores won't be much different from my previous estimation. As far as I know it's very possible that the scores may be even lower than my previous estimation.

By the way I think it's time to let you know how PCS and GOE need to be handled. Personally I don't give a damn about the ISU and couldn't care less of their rules, but I think at least I can lay out a few guidelines even for those con-artists.

I am doing them a favor.

The funny thing is they don't know actually what they are doing. I am not trying to imitate Christ, but they are destroying what they have built.

Well second thought, they didn't actually build it for the sport or did they?

Right, they didn't even build it; it's been there all the time in different name.

Carolina Kostner in 2014

How do you score Kostner's free?

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PCS cannot change much over time, or can it?

I really appreciate the up-loader of the video above. I can use it as an example to explain figure skating in general, especially PCS.

As you see from the video, you can tell those four videos are identical in every aspects. It's Carolina Kostner of 2013 and 2014.

If you can tell there is little difference among them, pet yourself on the shoulder.

Congratulation, you have just understood what the PCS represents. Easy, right?

PCS is a general quality of a skater's performance. In fact, by definition, PCS is what matters and all about figure skating.

Figure skating competition is an event in which a skater is evaluated based on his or her general quality of performances through execution of various elements under a specific set of rules.

However, some of you - perhaps all of you - may notice that there is difference among the clips no matter how minimal it seems.

If you can tell that they are distinctively different from each other,

now you have just entered into the realm of GOE.

Figure skating is simpler than you think. But if you are asked to explain those four clips in terms of GOE, you will be left bewildered. Don't worry. Those ISU judges can't do either.

At least, you begin to understand that the portion that GOE covers in total value has to be small enough.

Say, PCS(glossary may confuse you) will represent 80-90% of skating while GOE 10-20%. I will leave you to ponder the meaning. I will come back to this later.

What's your opinion about PCS and GOE?

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GOE, a key in competition

The fundamental function of GOE is to differentiate, validate and convert the merit of executions to PCS points, that is, in context of general performance.

If you ask any judge of ISU, however, to distinguish one from another in the above, they couldn't.

The sad truth is none of those judges know how to score the four clips above. First, it's hard. Second they've never been exposed to that kind task. Third, that's not what they are trained for.

The bottom line is judges should know how to score those virtually equal programs in GOE and PCS with consistency.

Can they?

It is doable if you compare a clip with a fall and another without a fall. That's the point. One of GOE functions is to tell the difference of level of execution and the quality of performance. So theoretically, although four clips show virtually the same quality program, you ought to be able to sort their quality in order.

That's the basic concept of GOE.

2009 Worlds

GOE is another name of PCS

No! Jesse, you are wrong! That's not how the ISU explains GOE!

I am glad you have said that. Don't panic. That's my point. I am giving you a different perspective on GOE and PCS. And those ISU legal panel doesn't know as much as you know about the system.

What I am trying to accomplish by drawing your attention to this approach is that GOE represents a relatively small portion of the entire PCS points.

Now some of you may feel at loss.

The premise in the above applies to any system that evaluates figure skating. Either 6.0 or COP or even compulsories are all the same, because figure skating is a graded sport.

This stems from the unique nature of figure skating, that is, progressive quantification.

The point is not that GOE and PCS are separate entities, but that the two are not actually different at all. More fundamentally, GOE belongs to PCS.

Well, that's quite obvious since both are in numeric points.

GOE is a technical term that explains each element's merit converted into PCS points. In other words, GOE cannot surpass the boundary set forth by PCS.

What if GOE surpasses its boundary?

That means two things: the original PCS was wrong or the given GOE may not be correct, that is, inflated.

Once a skater's PCS is determined, the range of his or her total PCS points, say total score, shall not go beyond the combination score of basic PCS and maximum GOE.

This provides for judging accuracy and dependability. This sounds strange to you, but it is an important point. I will explain later.

Quiz for Fun

Why do you think the author has posted the 2009 Worlds?

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I am sure by now you have noticed my intent. Based on the result, what do you think is the best possible explanation on Kim's score hike while others show even distribution in point difference?

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