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The 2014 World Cup

Updated on July 16, 2014
world cup trophy
world cup trophy | Source

World Cup 2014-An Exciting Tournament

There seems to be a large consensus that the 2014 World cup in Brazil was a great tournament and was up there with the best there’s been, and indeed has possibly been the very best of all the 20 tournaments taht there have been .

What made it so? Well, I suppose mainly it’s the attitude of the teams who seemed to want to attack in most of their games and not hold much back and try and play it cagey and almost bore the opposition into errors.

There were still 1 or 2 teams who were negative but this time they were very much in the minority.

Teams were there and wanted to make their mark. For a lot of tournaments it is as if teams go out with a whimper and surely must have regrets afterwards but here even the teams going home early usually managed to give a good account of themselves and there was no real need for tactical what ifs, in terms of lining up too defensively.

Some Great Goals From World Cup 2014

High Hopes For The Tournament

I had hopes that this tournament would be open and attacking maybe in a naïve idea that because it was being held in Brazil countries would like to show off their own attacking flair as their hosts had done so often in the past.

Whatever the reasons the tournament was a great watch for the TV audience. There were great games and goals, standout players and teams and a lot of memorable moments. There were a few dull games but they were far less than has become the norm in major competition.

Overall there were 171 goals in the 64 games (for an average of 2.67 goals a game). But that does not really tell the whole story. There were some great games here featuring just 1 or 2 or even no goals. You don’t always need a barrel load of goals for it to be exciting. In fact as other tournaments have shown sometimes having a whipping boy in a group and just getting well beaten by everybody might improve the goal average but does not necessarily give you better games.


Great Players and Talking Points

There were a lot of open attacking games but also most games were really close which just adds to the overall excitement of the tournament. Throw into the mix quality players such as Rodriguez of Colombia, Sanchez of Chile and Robben of Chelsea then there was a lot of talent throughout topped off by the victory by a very good Germany team winning the tournament.

Watching it on TV it also looked a bit different from other tournaments-whether this was from the different stadiums and fans but a lot of games had a different feel from other tournaments that can easily seem to blend into one.

There were also enough big talking points to keep everyone happy. Whether it was the Luis Suarez biting episode, the last minute goalkeeper substitution of Dutch goalkeeper Krul for Cillessen and subsequent gamesmanship or the shock and disbelief that greeted Brazil’s collapse in the 7-1 semi final defeat to Germany there were enough moments throughout for the press, pundits avid football fan or even a casual viewer to talk about during the whole event.

While some of these got a lot of criticism the fact is that it still got a lot of people talking and are things that many people will remember way after the tournament has finished as they will a lot of the great attacking football played and quality of goals throughout.


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