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The 2014 World Figure Skating: Rescoring 3

Updated on September 11, 2014

Gracie Gold in 2014

Gracie Gold: a skater of youthful beauty

Now it's time to look at Gold.

She is my favorite skater, and I always have a soft spot for her. But I will be embarrassed if I hand out 7.5 PCS for short.

Compared to Pogorilaya's performance, Gold is not necessarily better in skill.

Of course, Pogorilaya's critical weakness is her immaturity and juniorishness, which gives me a solid cause to hold her down. Yet Pogorilaya is fundamentally a better skater than Gold.

Only her skating hasn't yet developed good enough to overtake Gold. That's my defense for Gold.

Maturity makes a huge difference in figure skating, especially in judging skaters in the PCS stand point. It means that PCS does not honor randomness, mimicking, or low quality.

Gold's merit is her straightforward skating without any hint of cheating, either methodologically or technically. Her speed, power and edge are all acceptable. The problem is that her body control and skating skill are even less proficient than Pogorilaya's.

Quite frankly Gold is the typical example of a skater who hasn't yet mastered in-between physics, so she has to appeal to categorical merits such as speed, edge, physiological line or her outstanding spin.

Her jumps are not subject to +GOE. However despite all that, it is reasonable to place her between 7.0 to 7.5 in PCS.

My verdict for her short program is 62.

What do you think is Gold's problem in her skatng?

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How do you score Gold's short?

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Gracie Gold in 2014

Gracie Gold

What a lovely girl

I like the way she skates in free. Her free skating is admirable within the capacity of her skill.

Quality is not her department but Gold successfully presents what she is able and without any blurry duplicity, in her skating I see a youthful joy.

Rather than hiding behind the curtain of pretension, Gold chooses to show what she can do, and it's pleasure to watch her doing it.

And I think her strategy works with the ISU's categorical GOE, but of course, I have no regard of those fraudulent tool any longer.

My criticism is that there isn't mastery in it, but there is a honest skating. That's admirable. Am I too biased? Maybe.

Come to think of it, I don't think a honest skating is something to look down at in a time like this. It is way better than Russian skaters mimicking mastery.

Gold is categorically a Carolina Kostner type. I mean that in terms of competition. There isn't much of skillfulness, but a technical management by training and experience supported by merits of categorical elements such as speed, strength, and cheerfulness.

I think she can excel more than she is able.

Some of her jumps are fast and powerful without serious flaws; she will earn 0 GOE for most of her jumps by me.

My verdict for her free is 115.

How do you score Gold's free?

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Polina Edmunds in 2014

Polina Edmunds: A rising star

Edmunds here causes me to feel ambivalent.

I like her expressiveness, yet disappointed with her strength. She may not be of attitudinal conservatism; perhaps it has to do with her physiological feature.

I hope she grow stronger than now, and I want her to be more aggressive. It may be strategically correct to have points, but I do not like that kind of mentality, especially in young skaters.

However, Edmunds shows proficiency in control throughout the program and expressiveness.

Although she fails to land the first jump combination, Edmunds' skating as a whole is a bit better than Pogorilaya whose speed and power are impressive and better than Edmunds.

Edmunds' performance is less messy and chaotic than Pogorilaya's. But conservative skating cannot easily earn +GOE.

My verdict is 60.

How do you score Edmunds' short?

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Polina Edmunds in 2014

Polina Edmunds needs strength and speed

Although she demonstrates how to skate, and how to jump correctly, but too slow and cautious to earn +GOE in jump.

Edmunds, best in artistic expressiveness among the newbies, understands jump context and executes accordingly. Her body moves are accpetable and edge use is not bad. Lyrical and precise.

What impresses me the most is her execution and composed demeanor throughout the program: she has managed her skating well. Hopefully faster and stronger than now.

Only I desire that she grows physiologically fitter than now, skate faster and stronger and uses deeper edge.

My verdict is 106.

How do you score Edmunds' free?

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