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The 2014 World Figure Skating: Rescoring 4

Updated on September 12, 2014

Mao Asada in 2014

Did they call out for what?

I've just realized Asada's triple axel was downgraded in the 2014 Worlds.

Although I am pretty strict in technical accuracy, I do not condone the ISU's hypocritical mocking regarding Asada's triple axel.

When Yuna Kim was around, technical accuracy can be an issue. However, today who cares that crap anyway?

Do they really think they deserve to make a call for that?

While they blind themselves to the utter deformed depletion by Russian skaters demonstrated in front of their eyes throughout full 3 or 4 minutes? Every second is marred by hideous form of skating, and fabricated lie and pretension are in full display.

Do they really think they are entitled to call out on Asada's triple axel?

In the current condition of ladies figure skating, the triple axels Asada did in the 2014 Worlds should have garnered more than +3 for God's sake.

Even with pre-rotation, Asada's triple axel made enough revolution and more importantly, that is incomparable in quality to any terrible jumps the ISU judges awarded with +2.

Don't bullshit Asada's triple axel.

Asada's triple axels in the 2010 Olympics wouldn't earn +GOE by me. However, her recent triple axels will have my +2 for many reasons.

Her triple axels these days are much better than before, and less laborious and shows flow. Especially in this day and age of fraud and incompetence, think about those judges frowning on Asada's triple axels while awarding bogus GOE to hideous jumps.

Yeah, you are right, Robin. Those lepers make figure skating a leper's beauty contest.

Why do you think judges downgraded Asada's triple axels?

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Akiko Suzuki in 2014

A veteran Japanese skater: SuZuki

It's a solid skating by Suzuki.

Though her physiological handicap hinders her from high PCS, that's an acceptable performance.

Despite her limited ability to evoke aesthetics in PCS standpoint, I do not hesistate to hand out 7.5 in PCS, and I award her with +1 for at least one of her jumps.

My verdict is 62.

How do you score Suzuki's short?

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Akiko Suzuki in 2014

Suzuki's free is not good, I am afraid.

Her skaing is the kind of skating that the more you see, the more you feel difficult to like it.

Her jumps are all subject to -2 to -1. I like her speed and her edge, but her execution of jump seems aggravated by her physiological disadvantage.

Although I always put her in 7.5s in PCS, her performance, as a top skater, drags into flattened mundanity even at her best.

If Gold is far from quality due to her premature degree of skating compared to top skaters, Akiko is due to her physiological disadvantage, I think.

My verdict is 105.

How do you score Suzuki's free?

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Ashely Wagner in 2014

Fix your jump, Ashley

First I don't give a shit about the ISU's technical argument now, but even then I must confess that I do not condone Wagner's jump deficiency.

Wagner's first jump combo is not going to be ratified due to technical flaw. I will just recognize it as a single flip.

Except that, Wagner is a qualified senior skater and good in edge and speed. As a typical power skater, she often shows a solid skating.

My verdict is 60.

How do you score Wagner's short?

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Ashley Wagner in 2014

Good job, Ashley!

It's the best of Ashley.

As you see above, power skaters have the greatest appeal in speed and power in competition as well as performance.

I think it's the most satisfying performance I've ever watched in her. I will give her a few +1 for her jumps, and I agree to the protocol in general.

My verdict is 126.

Ashley Wagner is the third in the 2014 Worlds. My belated congratulation!

How do you score Wagner's free?

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