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The 5 Steps to the perfect Jumpshot

Updated on December 30, 2012

The 5 Steps!

Many people spend hours a day trying to get their jump shot perfect, and this will help. But there is a better way. There are 5 steps to the perfect jump shot, 5 steps that if you follow, you will achieve perfect shot form very soon.

Step 1: Ball Positioning

The ball should be resting on the fingertips of your dominate hand, you should be able to see a small space in between the ball and your palm, but not too big.

Step 2: Line-up

Your dominate elbow should be in, not sticking out. Bend your knees and position your feet at shoulder width apart. There should be a straight line from the ball, to your elbow, to your knee, to your foot. You should be facing the basket, and you don't want the ball to cover your face totally, make sure you can still see the basket.

Step 3: Mental Confidence

70% of basketball is played in your mind. Meaning mental confidence in your shot is a must! Envision your shot going in every time, always think that you can make a shot. But don't go and start launching shots from the half court line all the time just because you think you can make it. If it is a reasonable good shot within your range, think you can make it, and you probably will.

Step 4: Feet Postitioning

Your feet should be at shoulder width apart, straight out, toes pointing towards the basket. This helps with the line up and helps make the ball go straight.

Step 5: Finish

The finish to your shot is important as well. As you release the ball from your hand, you should bring your fingers down to give the ball a spin. When you finish, hold your hand like that(It should look like your reaching your hand into a cookie jar) to help make that finish 2nd nature.

If you follow these 5 steps to the perfect jump shot, you will be shooting 100% in no time!

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      Bill 5 years ago

      Thank you for that incitefil information

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      basketballhero 5 years ago


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      bob 5 years ago

      very good