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The 5 Top UFC Fights In 2010

Updated on February 9, 2012

UFC Fights In 2010

 What a year it has  been for Danna White, and the UFC. In 2010 fight fans have seen Tittle belt champions change, Fighters Make a come back, and rivalry's get settled. I have  took a minute to look back at the top Fights for the UFC in 2010 and i have created a list of five fights that i think are the best fights in 2010.

Randy Couture vs. Mark Coleman UFC 109

  On February 6, 2010,UFC 109 took place. It was a night wear two great UFC Legends went face to face and fought in the Main Fight card. Randy Couture Vs Mark Coleman head lined the fight event and it was a three round Non Tittle Bought.

Randy Couture beat Mark Coleman VIA, a Rare Naked Choke in the second round. The Victory For Randy Couture proved that he is still one of the best wrestling / submission fighters of all time. Mark Coleman and Randy Couture are the grandfathers of MMA and the UFC. They got there start back in 1996 and 1997, and both fighters have paved the way for our new competitors. Every MMA fan  and fighter must tip there hat and show respect to Mark Coleman and Randy Couture.


2010 UFC Fight cards

 <> UFC 108.

<> UFC 109

<> UFC110

<> UFC 111

<> UFC 112

<> UFC 113

<> UFC 114

<> UFC 115

<> UFC 116

<> UFC 117

<> UFC 118

<> UFC 119

<> UFC 120

<> UFC 121

<> UFC 122

<> UFC 123

<> UFC 124

<> UFC 125

Chael Sonnen VS Anderson Silva

Wanderlei Silva vs. Michael Bisping UFC 110

 UFC 110 took place on February 20, 2010 in Sydney, Australia, and Michael Bisping went toe to toe with Wanderlei Silva for a non tittle match-up. This fight went the distance with Wanderlei Silva coming up on top. Wanderlei Silva Showed that he still has what it takes, and proved to all his critics that he still can brawl. Silva spent most of the night jabbing and showing great foot movement, Witch Kept Bisping on his toes.

Bisping was unable to take it to Silva,Bisping proved that he is the real deal and that he doesn't have a glass jaw. But with two losses in three fights his career with the UFC is Treading on thin ice.

George St. Pierre vs. Dan Hardy UFC 111

  On March 27,2010 in Newark,NJ UFC 111 happened. Head lining the event was George St. Pierre VS Dan Hardy and it was a tittle bought witch laste all five rounds. George St. Pierre won the fight with a unanimous decision victory.

In the fourth round George St. Pierre almost finished Dan Hardy with a arm bar, but Hardy hung on and spun out of the submission lock. the fight was primarily all George St. Pierre and his relentless take down offence. George St. Pierre held his title belt once again and he proved to the world why he is champion.

Chuck Liddell vs. Rich Franklin UFC 115

 On Jun, 12 2010  Chuck Liddell took on Rich Franklin at ufc 115. Rich Franklin stepped in and took Titto Ortiz place, because Titto could not fight do to a back injury. Titto Ortiz and Chuck Liddell where coaches of the realty TV show Ultimate Fighter. Near the end of the show Titto hurt his back and had to withdraw from the show. It gave a chance for Rich Franklin to take on a legend and  start his climb back to the top of the fight game.

despite breaking his arm in the first round, Rich Franklin won the fight VIA Knock out punch near the end of the first round. Some say that Chuck Liddell was knuckle out in too retirement with this loss because he retired just a few short months after his loss to Rich Franklin.

Chael Sonnen VS. Anderson Silva UFC117

In California on August 7, 2010, Anderson Silva defended his tittle against Chael Sonnen at ufc 117.Chael Sonnen took the fight to Silva and he domanated  Silva most of the fight. i Believe that Sonnen deserves a re-match.

Anderson Silva defeated Chael Sonnen with a triangle choke late in the fifth round. Anderson Silva showed that he is not only great in his striking and stand up skills, but he is also a great submission fighter. People forget that Anderson Silva is a black belt in BJJ and he know his way around the world of submission fighting.


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    • rich_hayles profile image

      rich_hayles 6 years ago

      2010 was a great year for the UFC but the Pettis vs Henderson fight in the final WEC was quite possibly the best fight.

      The Henderson vs Sobral strikeforce event was the best one of the year with 3 incredible knock outs coming in the 3 main fights.

      Can't forget to mention Fedor losing, though I have no doubt he will be back strong in the heavyweight tournament in 2011.