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The All Time NFL Team.

Updated on September 25, 2012


Kicker- Adam Vinitieri. New England Patriots/Indianapolis Colts.

Punter- Ray Guy. Oakland Raiders.

Safety- Ronnie Lott. San Francisco 49ers.

Safety- Rod Woodson. Pittsburgh Steelers/Oakland Raiders/Baltimore Ravens.

Corner- Deion Sanders. Dallas Cowboys/San Francisco 49ers/Atlanta Falcons.

Corner- Mel Blount. Pittsburgh Steelers.

Outside Linebacker- Derrick Thomas. Kansas City Chiefs.

Middle Linebacker- Ray Lewis. Baltimore Ravens.

Outside Linebacker- Lawrence Taylor. New York Giants.

Defensive End- Bruce Smith. Buffalo Bills.

Defensive Tackle- John Randle. Minnesota Vikings.

Defensive Tackle- Joe Greene. Pittsburgh Steelers.

Defensive End- Reggie White. Philadelphia Eagles/Green Bay Packers.

Tackle- Art Shell. Oakland Raiders.

Guard- Larry Alan. Dallas Cowboys.

Center- Bruce Matthews. Houston Oilers/ Tennessee Titans.

Guard- John Hannah. New England Patriots.

Tackle- Anthony Munoz. Cincinnati Bengals.

Tight End- Tony Gonzales. Kansas City Chiefs.

Wide Reciever- Don Hutson. Green Bay Packers.

Wide Reciever- Jerry Rice. San Francisco 49ers.

Fullback- Bronko Nagurski. Chicago Bears.

Halfback- Walter Payton. Chicago Bears.

Halfback- Jim Brown. Cleveland Browns*

Quarterback- Peyton Manning. Indianapolis Colts.

Quarterback- Joe Montana. San Francisco 49ers.

*Let it be noted that Jim Brown played both half and full back during his time at Cleveland.

I know its confusing. Ryan, why two Quarterbacks? How could you put Manning above Favre? Well... When it is all said and done, we all know Manning will own every positive passing record, and it won't take him 336 interceptions and twenty years to do it either.


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