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The Art of Fighting for Dummies

Updated on January 1, 2015

My Childhood

During my childhood, I was sent to the Chinese school by my parents although I didn’t show much interest in it. I insisted but they refuse to listen to my plead, as they keep on emphasizing on the importance of learning the Chinese language.

Somehow, fate has decided my destiny to meet all those pathetic bullies over there. I’ve been picked up by a group of bullies since the first week of my trip home by the school bus. They showed me no mercy although I refuse to retaliate.

While the school bus stops at the front of my house, I came down and ran straight to the entrance door as I am crying and calling my mother. According to her, the reason behind for me being picked-up frequently is due to my cute-like appearance. The agonizing days lasted decades for me.

One day, I could no longer tolerate the sadistic attitude of these people. Finally, I vowed to have my revenge on all those who ever lay their hands on me again, will pay the consequences of pain. With philosophy and the combination of a large following, I created a fighting style called “The Art of Fighting”.

Birth of the Dummy’s Art

I had a few friends who share the same fate as me. Unlike me, they are not enthusiastic and refuse to identify solutions to their problems. They’re lack of determination and usually came by me asking for advice. Knowing that my fighting style will be too difficult for them to follow, i innovate it to a much simpler technique. Making it less time consuming, simple to understand and easy to follow. Therefore, the name of my art switches to “The Dummies Art of Fighting”.

This art focuses on strengthening the fist as most weaklings tend to use only their hands while fighting. Even though they’ve been taught the way of self-defense, the methods will most likely not being used for they are too shy to express themselves publicly. Thereby, creating such technique is best for them.

Reminder 1

In order to gain maximum benefit from the dummy’s training, one must keep in mind and live by 4 code of life as mentioned below:-

Dummies Art First Lesson! (The Dummies Code of Life):

1. The Mind

  • The human mind is a main channel that controls all the other bodily functions. To bring the mind into sharp focus and to intuit truth, which is everywhere, the mind must be emancipated from old habits, prejudices, restricted thought process and even thought itself. Rapid progression with minimal effort of any kind is the result of a sharp focus mind. In other word, achieving all those you desired in a short period of time.

2. Diet

  • Food is essential for our general well-being. It repairs our dead cells and replenishes it with a new one. Furthermore, it helps to build up red blood cells that carry oxygen throughout the mind and body.

3. Relaxation

  • Humans need sufficient amount of sleep. We have to rest for ensuring the mind is at its peak. Yawning is a sign where the mind is in need of oxygen. A mind that lacks oxygen leads to sleepiness and a vulnerable immune system.

4. Workout

  • Exercise daily to maintain our fitness. Every movement must be perform with full of intensity. Meaning, doing it sincerely, wholeheartedly and truly expressing yourself. Remember! Dedication, absolute dedication that keeps one ahead.

The Dummies Fighting Art Training:

  1. Before training, drink a cup of coffee. Relax a few minutes for the coffee to take effect until there’s a sign of awareness.
  2. Consume complex vitamins with a glass of high calcium milk. Including, a cup of tea and a glass of soy bean milk.
  3. After consumption, do your foot reflex mat stepping exercise for 30 minutes if you had one at home. Otherwise, purchase it from the website or by any existing suppliers, for the outcome of the training will be much better. Or else, skip to No.4.
  4. Don’t waste your time hitting a punching bag. It’s not effective. Instead, close your both fist and clap it together as hard as you can. To avoid friction, rub some oil-based lubricant over your knuckles. The presence of pain triggers a better absorption of calcium to the bones. No pain, no gain! Do it slow and you will gain the benefit. Each time you clap your fist, imagine that calcium is absorbing to your bones in an admirable degree. Believing allows you to progress and exalt rapidly. Practice 1 hour daily or whenever you’re free, if possible.
  5. After training, don’t lie down immediately. Ignore the urge for comfort that lies within. Sit up straight and look at things around you.
  6. Sleep everyday on the floor without any cushion. Using a mat is acceptable.
  7. Finally, learn to accept pain as a beautiful thing. Embrace it! Whenever you experience pain in your bones, it’s a natural cause for the bone to absorb calcium in order to avoid injuries. For this, calcium is essential.
  8. After a year, purchase a finest quality plank from the martial art store. Try to break it with your fist. If you’re able to do it with a single blow, well done! Now, you’re ready to take on an opponent.

Reminder 2

  • Most people emphasizes on using their hands more while fighting. By training and strengthening your fist to the fullest, it’s more than sufficient to win many confrontations. Don’t need to go for the extreme. You’re not facing-off with a gladiator or a martial art expert. Usually just some show-off wannabe.
  • The ancient way of strict military training and fitness like, The Spartans and Samurai Warrior makes even regimen of today’s elite forces appear soft. By mastering the technique i’ve taught, has been considered a big achievement today.

Words from a Teacher!

“To win a fight, the key is to aim for your enemy’s face. Particularly, the mouth area, the nose and the eye. But, please do not hit directly on his eyeball for he may go blind. As a human being, we must learn to show mercy. Unless, he do unto you. Then, do not hesitate to teach him a lesson he’ll never forget! Basically, causing bloody nose and swelling eye will back down you adversary. Psychologically, it affects most people. Somehow, if your enemy refuse to be humble, continue deliver a series of blows right on his face until he gives up. Keep in mind! Confidence will gradually progress as you gain more victories. However, never be carried away by all the wins you had. Forget the glory and be yourself because you might underestimate your opponent the next time.”

Frequently Asked Questions:

1.Why drink coffee before training?

Answer: In order to extract maximum benefit from a workout, the mind must be at focus and not at all disturb. Especially from sleepiness and laziness. Distraction is a key barrier towards one progression for success. The substance known as caffeine that is found in coffee is well known for its good property to disperse sleepiness from a fatigue mind. Also, consuming too much is not good as it would lead to anxiety. Drink minimum 2 cups daily.

2.Why should we consume vitamin tablets after drinking coffee?

Answer: The main function of caffeine lies in generating bioelectricity to the mind. There will be a much better absorption of vitamins and minerals as the human mind reaches the point of awareness.

3.What’s the benefit of drinking Soy Bean Milk?

Answer: The protein that contains in soy milk helps lowering cholesterol level. Cholesterol is bad as it blocks our arteries and preventing a proper circulation of blood to our heart. By not giving a proper care, it might lead to heart problems such as stroke. A weak heart also restricts a proper flow of oxygen to the mind.

4.What are the most important vitamins and minerals which relates to the Dummy’s Art Training?

Answer: To build up a strong and healthy bone, you need vitamin D, as it aids in the absorption of calcium from milk to the bones. Exposure to the morning sun is good, for it provide the same source. Vitamin K which could be found in milk helps in the clothing of blood from cuts and wounds. This is important especially during fights, as continuous dripping of blood causes lost of oxygen and might distract a person’s focus.

5.What’s the importance of a foot reflex mat?

Answer: Our central nervous system is located below our foot. Triggering it by utilizing a foot reflex mat would probably be the best solution as it is convenience, effective and value for money.

6.What’s the benefit of sleeping on the floor?

Answer: Attachment of your body on hard surfaces also triggers the absorption of calcium. Please remember! If there’s any impact or pressure on bones, there will definitely be an absorption.

7.Why the human mind is important?

Answer: The state of mind determines the perfection of your body. A clouded and fatigue mind leads to a deterioration of health.


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