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The Beginners Guide To Running

Updated on January 1, 2014

Here are some steps you can take to start running and perhaps you may even run a marathon one day.

Below I have listed 8 steps to get you started with your training, I am a experienced runner I have completed 5 marathons and 16 half marathons over the past 11 years so if you have any questions or simply would like some more advice please comment in the box at the end or message me I would love to help.

Step 1 - Buy a great pair of running shoes

You need a pair of running shoes that fits you correctly and are comfortable. Make sure to buy proper running shoes and nothing else, they need to be designed for running.

Below are my current running shoes the Asics Gel-Nimbus are extremely comfortable and will last for 600 miles they are on the expensive side but in my opinion well worth the extra investment in the long run (no pun intended).

Step 2 - Set a running goal

Whether it is a short marathon coming up in a few months or to lose a certain amount of weight, setting yourself a goal helps to keep you motivated.

Tracking your progress helps you stay motivated so if you have a target you are much more likely to succeed.


as I write this hub it is new years eve and a lot of people are planning new years resolutions starting tomorrow, from my own experience of being a fitness trainer over the years this is a very bad time to start in fact starting anything bang on the 1st of the month is doomed to fail.

Take the pressure off and start randomly on the 3rd of Jan and pay no attention to what other people are doing on facebook it's not a competition it's a lifestyle choice.

Step 3 - Schedule your workouts

You need to set aside a precise time to run, or you will end up not running when other things get in the way. Put it in your calendar, appointment planner or scribble it on your fridge, wherever you will see it and be reminded.

I use my smart phone it has a basic alarm system and calendar or search for an app it works because you pretty much always have your phone with you and you won't miss the alarm.

Step 4 - Eat right

It is important to eat right when training, you need a balanced diet so start with high fibre cereal and a piece of fruit, snack on yoghurt, nuts or fruit such as banana’s and drink plenty of water.

Your diet is very important when it comes to running or being able to do any physical activity.

Get to know your body and what it needs, take a look at my guide to body shapes on my blog click here

Step 5 – Get moving

Start by walking/jogging three times a week such as Monday, Wednesday and Friday and always warm-up before, by walking for three minutes. For you cool down you can walk again for two minutes.

This for some people is the most difficult part simply just starting, at first if you are out of shape or over weight it will be a slow process but once you start making progress the fun begins.

Step 6 - Start slowly

Start by doing 20 minutes at a time, you shouldn’t go too fast or too far right away, doing so can cause you to injure yourself. Mix walking with jogging and little bits of running during your workout, then every week increase the amount of time you run for compared to jogging and walking (once you feel comfortable enough to do so), once you reach week six you should be able to run continuously during one of your week sessions (for about 8 kilometres).
As you get stronger, begin reducing the walk breaks.

Don’t worry about the amount of kilometres you are running in the beginning, rather concentrate of the amount of minutes instead. Slowly but surely you will begin to run further in the same amount of time.


Optic flow - can change how hard exercise feels, and it is basically when you run in an open park rather than near lamp posts and trees, could create a reduced sense of speed, which can help you run longer, says study authors in the Journal of Sport and Exercise Psychology.

Step 7 – Power through

In the beginning your legs will feel sore but after a few weeks of running the pain will subside fairly quickly. But make sure you know the difference between normal workout/muscle pain and acute pain because if you feel acute pain you must stop running for a number of days and let your legs recuperate so that you can prevent serious injuries.
The most frequent injury is shin splints, normally due to wearing the incorrect shoes or overdoing your training.

Everyone has bad days so don’t worry they will go by quickly. Just keep to your schedule and power through, the next session is frequently better than the previous one.

Step 8 - End with a stretch

Not only should you cool down by walking for two to three minutes but you should also stretch and massage your muscles at the end. Stretching and massaging your muscles keeps them functioning well and although a massage therapist would be great it is not necessary, all you need is to stretch out you legs properly and to use a good foam roller to massage your muscles.

Running is a fantastic way to get fit, healthy and lose those unwanted pounds and if done correctly in a few weeks you will be running like a seasoned runner, without any injuries. It is also a great exercise to do with your dog, your family and friends, while enjoying the fresh air.

And lastly, remember to keep it slow and to not overwork yourself, you are not in a race – not just yet.

check out other cool sporting activity's to keep you in shape

Get Involved

Do you run on a regular basis and have any tips of your own you can share with any new starters? or are you a new starter with questions?


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