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The Benefits of Learning a Martial Art

Updated on October 30, 2015
Kyokushin karate students in Papua New Guinea in Mokuso (meditation).
Kyokushin karate students in Papua New Guinea in Mokuso (meditation). | Source


Learning a martial art can be beneficial in many ways. However, the most celebrated aspect is self-defense. While this is a major component of learning the arts, there are other more subtle but important benefits.

Here are a few of them (taken from my martial arts blog PNG Warrior).


The core foundation of martial arts is disciplining both the body and the mind. The physical training develops a strong body. However, in order to achieve that, one must be first mentally disciplined – the mind must be strong. This often translates to other aspects in life.

Martial artists who have made well for themselves are much disciplined.

Self Esteem

This is an issue that affects everyone. Many times our self-esteem is affect because of how people perceive us or how we are treated, or scared to be treated. Martial training strengthens our mind and enables us to overcome our own doubts and fears. It also instils a sense of confidence especially after achieving something you thought you could not.


Respect is something that develops naturally in martial art training. Once you are disciplined and your self-esteem raised, you begin to perceive your environment differently. You become more appreciative and respectful of yourself and those around you.


One of the most important aspects of learning a martial art is to keep yourself fit and healthy. Unlike other sports were you need special equipment or others to interact, martial arts is designed to be practiced alone and without equipment, and keeps both your mind and body healthy.

In martial arts, practice is often done alone with the practitioner going over battle scenarios in their mind. This is called shadow boxing and allows a practitioner to actively exercise their mind and well as their body.


These benefits are only acquired after continuous training and are not something that is achieved overnight. In martial arts there is not red pill or blue pill, no magic drugs and certainly no overnight achievement. Everything is acquired through hard work and dedication.

I hope this hub will inspire you to go out there and learn and martial art.


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