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Basketball Drills physical mechanics and dynamics of motion makes NBA Stars

Updated on August 6, 2012

“It doesn't matter who scores the points, it's who can get the ball to the scorer.” by Larry Bird

Larry Bird - He was an unstoppable three point shooting force, like a fighter pilot
Larry Bird - He was an unstoppable three point shooting force, like a fighter pilot | Source

Basketball Drills – It’s not just a game, its training for the NBA

Are you a NBA basketball great hopeful and do you want to learn the true secrets to how the pro’s actually learned all their fancy moves, cool tricks on the court. Have you ever wondered how they could appear to be so calm, while a wild pack of men instead of wolves stay in hot pursuit, and anxiously chasing them down the basketball court all the time. Well surprisingly some of the greatest NBA players of all time like; Michael Jordan, Larry Bird, Dr J, Koby Bryant, Karl Malone, Scotty Pippen, Kareem Abdul Jabar, Wilt Chamberlin, John Stockton, and even Lebron James; all have had one thing in common, they once were all scrubs (Weren't good at playing or performing) at shooting the basketball, dribbling, and passing as well.

So how did they ever get so good one might ask, and that’s a truly compelling logical question. Well what must have occurred to them all is that, others had gone before them into the world of basketball, and somehow they had to learn of such a mystical secret of sorts.

I myself have never entered into such an elaborate realm of professional sports, but I surely did take the time to dedicate, and devote a bit of my life's energies to the learning of the sport. Over the years applying the requires basketball drilling, and skills training it takes to make it to the next level, but instead I used it as a pretty intense college student athlete, and military personnel years later, winning numerous championships on the intramural levels during my recreational moments of free time.

I guess I never tried out for the NBA, or for any other pro level of the game, but I've grown to understand much of the physical demands on the body through my very own personal training exercises, and development over 20+ years.

"A team will always appreciate a great individual if he's willing to sacrifice for the group." Kareem

Kareem Abdul Jabbar - He made love to the Basketball
Kareem Abdul Jabbar - He made love to the Basketball | Source

Basketball is an Art

The art of Basketball truly begins inside ones heart, where a person can actually grow a love for the game, and true determination to become great at the sport. With that being said, both drive and motivation also counts in such a sport, but without knowing how to apply certain verifiable principles of applied physical laws, none of these intense bodily movements would ever be applicable as a effective basketball defending & scoring machine.

Meaning if you don’t learn the physical mechanics, and dynamic motions that the game of basketball requires for a player to become much more effective at many various successive repeatable actions. Such things as defense and offensive scoring abilities will not develop properly, to help them produce the best results. When it comes to scoring and distributing the ball, it will never occur to them as a player that they have achieved greatness in understanding its pure fundamental applications in real world competition unless they learn about their own movement and that of their opponents potential, so hours of studying moves also comes in handy. Some professional coaches even study individual players using recorded video tape footage, for such isolation principles of movements.

Hence practicing the wrong movements quite often will result in the worst possible desired results, which forces a player to over compensate for the lack of not having pin point accuracy in their ability to make such required stress related moves of non-stop repetitive motions.

“Some people want it to happen, some wish it would happen, others make it happen.” Famous Quote by Michael Jordan

Michael Jordan - His Airness
Michael Jordan - His Airness | Source

The Road to becoming a Great Basketball Player

To become a great player takes a strong dexterity of physical might, the ability to withstand sever bodily pressure of fatigue, and great lung capacity when it comes to running quickly, and on the fly. Many great players all exhibit these qualities, and some have obvious advantages.

Some players who play in the position of point guard have the overall advantage of being very close to the ground, this makes it very hard to steal the ball from them, thus giving them the important role, as to be the distributor of the basketball, and overall conductor of the court, as if they were in a symphony orchestra and had that cool magical wand.

“I’ve won at every level, except college and pro.” Famous Quote by Shaquille O'Neal

Shaquille O'Neal - A Basketball Juggernaut
Shaquille O'Neal - A Basketball Juggernaut | Source

The Tree's of the game

Then there's the center position to be played by the tallest statue of a person, which can rang anywhere from 6'9'' to 7'4'' on average in the NBA. These players obviously have the size advantage of taking full ownership of the defensive position of blocking the basketball, from it being able to go in the opposing teams goal or also referred to as a basketball hoop (Cloth net and circular metal ring like hoop).

Being so tall helps in any attempts made to put the ball in by scoring, they also tend to be the dominant force when it comes to using their full wing span of lengthy arms, allowing for many high aerial moves to be performed as they leap into the air to potentially dunk the basketball, and if their knees are still strong that is. (Many super tall folks suffer from deterioration of their knees or weaker knee strength) Shaquille O'Neal was one great center, who dominated the rim, and the court in his time as an NBA Star and is a legend in his own right.

“My only concern was winning ball games.” Famous Quote by Moses Malone

Moses Malone - He seemed unstoppable
Moses Malone - He seemed unstoppable | Source

Power play position

The power forward position is one that is played generally by a guy who is mid height and has shear body strength to over power those under the basket, and to utilize his body as a sort of blocking mechanism, which defends the goal area, as well as can be used to over come opponents much weaker then them, especially when penetration to the basket has become an offensive set of moves performed, to attempt at scoring during layup's, and mostly while trying to dunk the basketball.

The much larger body size of this individual is paramount, but if they are too heavy it can work against them for sure, because it can slow them down big time in the end. These sort of B-ball players must maintain their intense eating habits, but also have to learn to balance out things with intense work outs, defensive stances, endurance training exercises, and also moderate to heavy weight training for muscle strength, to keep the having strong moving huge bones. Moses Malone was instrumental at fortifying his territorial status in this professional B-Ball arena and he also played the center position. He lead his team to a NBA championship with the Philadelphia 76ers and other great victories, landing him as one of the top 50 greatest players of all time.

"I remember like it was yesterday. It was the beginning of an incredible journey; the year that would change my life forever and chart the course of my destiny"

Pistol Pete Maravich- He was one of the best players to ever grace the game of basketball - best all around team player and ball handler as well as amazing shooter
Pistol Pete Maravich- He was one of the best players to ever grace the game of basketball - best all around team player and ball handler as well as amazing shooter | Source

Things to know

Many teams play what is known as full court press, which is a defensive team position to oppose all offensive pursuits of the opposing team to gain ground coverage on the basketball court.

This is where shooting guards truly come in handy, and at a moments notice, when its paramount to score in the final seconds of a game. (As in a buzzer beater game)

Shooting Ability

Shooting guards, are the true scorer's of the game of basketball, and many of them tend to end up being the ones to stand out above all the rest, mainly due to the fact that they can score literally from anywhere on the court. This type of player must have everything all the other players have, but if they are too tall, then may lack in other key balanced area's, and so the best body type for a shooting guard is fairly much shorter then the average tall person and just a tad bit taller then the shortest one.

Anywhere from 5'11'' to 6'6'' is the best ranges for such a position, due to their ability to fit somewhere in the middle of the line up, and for the fact of their slender shape, allowing for smooth aerial motions, as well as super quick feet. Shooting three pointers, and jump shot's, from within its parameter NBA three point range is required to play this very crucial position, because it will make or break a team if they cannot shoot the basketball effectively.

B-Ball Drilling -

The game of basketball has surely evolved from its peach basket days back when Pistol Pete Maravich had been born to one day become super famous for his showman ship, unique style of coordination, ball handling skills and so much more. Its been totally transformed into a even more challenging, highly active sport of skill, accuracy, poise, finesse, beauty in movement of physical display, and utter team work. In order to begin improving all of these positions stated here takes what is called practice.

Hours of performing repetitious motions, called basketball drills, will take the average person with no knowledge of the game from amateur, to becoming closer and closer to that of the professional players skill levels, by pure ability to perform similar movements.

Taking Flight!: by By cliff1066â„¢
Taking Flight!: by By cliff1066â„¢ | Source

It takes Great Consistency to be a True Winner & Team Player

The trick though to becoming great at the sport of basketball, and being a winner most of the time isn't really any sort of magic at all. Its something of a learning experience though for sure. This is where many players pretty much go that extra distance in trying to become a pro, and by practicing for extremely long lengths of time on end. It's also a place of understanding the mechanics of motion, or bodily movements where many good players soon begin to learn how to limit the amount of senseless errors in motion they commit on the basketball court, in the process of refining their techniques to becoming great performers.

What tends to happen with players who lack this sort of understanding, is even more wasted energies, loss of confidence in their abilities, and if not corrected early in their careers, results in countless fouls being called on them by referee's, and many on the court moving violations. (Just like some car drivers actually do in their impatient vehicles on a busy road)

So, those who perform better on the basketball court over long periods of practicing tend to be the ones who learn to adapt to reducing wasted moves, in an attempt to maximize their driving force, to compel their opponents into utter losses. Allowing them to gain coverage with precise some pretty witty on the ground, as well as aerial assaults towards the basket, as well as fiery hot hand shooting capabilities.


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    • CloudExplorer profile imageAUTHOR

      Mike Pugh 

      6 years ago from New York City

      Thanks Debbie for the visit and for sharing it for me.

    • Deborah Brooks profile image

      Deborah Brooks Langford 

      6 years ago from Brownsville,TX

      wow Mike awesome write... sharing


    • CloudExplorer profile imageAUTHOR

      Mike Pugh 

      6 years ago from New York City

      Thank you @Wendell, for the comment, that was truly awesome of you.

    • Wendell Patterson profile image

      Wendell Patterson 

      6 years ago from Alabama

      Very well done


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