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The Best Braided Fishing Lines For Trolling

Updated on December 16, 2010

Braided fishing lines used to be the most popular type of fishing lines – but that was before fishing line manufacturers discovered a way of adding superior strength to fishing lines by using nylon. When nylon fishing lines came out, braided fishing lines – particularly those made of Dacron – lost in the contest of strength and stretch. Nylon lines proved the better when it came to knot strength and resistance to damage – they also stretched less. However, braided lines are now back in business with new improvements and they are now some of angler’s favorite fishing lines once again.

Today’s braided fishing lines are stronger and more sensitive so that they can be used in rougher conditions like in surf fishing or deep sea fishing. But these lines are all the more favored when it comes to trolling. Trolling is done whilst an angler is sitting at the back of his boat while it’s moving. With braided lines on the fishing reel, fishermen get the flexibility they need. Braided lines are less stiff so they can be moved more underwater while the boat is moving for more chances of getting a catch. And even with their flexibility, braided fishing lines are also strong enough to handle catfish and saltwater game fish.

When you buy braided fishing lines, you’ll find that they are usually made of strong materials like Spectra, Dyneema and Kevlar. These materials don’t stretch much which means that they don’t absorb much water. That also means that they are quite reliable when it comes to fishing along areas with sharp rocks – and that’s even with their thin appearances. Braided fishing lines also allow for easier casting – just remember not to put too much line in your reel to prevent backlashing and other problems, especially if you’re using a baitcasting reel. Here are some great braided fishing lines you can rely on.

150 Yds. P - Line Hydrofloat Braided Line Hi - Viz Yellow
150 Yds. P - Line Hydrofloat Braided Line Hi - Viz Yellow

150 Yds. P - Line Hydrofloat Braided Line Hi - Viz Yellow

P-Line is one of the most trusted brands when it comes to braided fishing lines and you’ll love the quality this one will give. O-Line Hydrofloat Braided Line is made of high quality and very durable Spectra material that effectively resists damages. It also does not stretch much which adds to its strength and reliability. In addition to that, this line has a thermal coating which makes it applicable to fishing conditions in extreme temperatures. With its strength and buoyancy, it’s perfect for catching salmon, steel head and other fishing. So go get yourself one and see why fishing enthusiasts are all praises for it. You can get this line in Hi-Viz Yellow and in sizes designated for 30 pounds to 50 pounds.

Spiderwire ULTRACAST INVISI-BRAID 65lb Test 300 yds New
Spiderwire ULTRACAST INVISI-BRAID 65lb Test 300 yds New

Spiderwire ULTRACAST INVISI-BRAID 65lb Test 300 yds New

Are you looking for something that packs in the right amount of flexibility you need for trolling and also the sly low visibility of fluorocarbon fishing lines? Well, you’re in luck because Spiderwire – one of the top brands in fishing lines – brings you the world’s first translucent braided fishing line. This braided fishing line has just the right softness for easy casting, yet it also has superior strength that makes it a toughie in areas with sharp rocks and other dangerous surfaces. This one also offers you competitive quality that will last you for a long time. You can get a spool of this in 300 yards rated for 65 pounds. Now that’s one heavy duty line you’re prepared with for hunting down trophy fish.

Stren 300 YD. Spools
Stren 300 YD. Spools

Stren 300 YD. Spools

Would you be able to imagine it if someone told you about something like a steel string? Well, that’s what you get with this super tough yet flexible braided fishing from another trusted brand – Stren. This line is treated with GlideCoat for more strength and better resistance to abrasions and breakage. It is also specially made to be round in order to eliminate problems with tangling and knotting. With this, you can go fishing for heavy fish with confidence and you won’t break a sweat with the casting. You can avail of this braided fishing line in 300-yard spools in two different colors: Hi-Vis Yellow and Lo-Vis Green if you don’t want a conspicuous line underwater. You can also get spools with capacities for 20 to 80 pounds.

Power Pro Spectra Line - Moss Green
Power Pro Spectra Line - Moss Green

Power Pro Spectra Line - Moss Green

If you’re going trolling and you’re looking for a fishing line that’s strong, flexible and barely visible in the open sea, this braided fishing line is just perfect for that description. The Power Pro Spectra Line features the Enhanced Body Technology that gives the line a protective layer that makes it resistant against scratches and breakage. This one will even securely hold a cannonball on one end and also makes for excellent casting with its soft and low-memory construction plus it winds up easily on any type of fishing reel. Aside from that, this line also has a moss green color that blends in with marine hues to give you better chances of catching seawater fish. You can get this fishing line in spools of 150 yards or 300 yards and in capacities for 5 pounds up to 50 pounds.

Western Filament 300-Yard TUF Line XP Fishing Line
Western Filament 300-Yard TUF Line XP Fishing Line

Western Filament 300-Yard TUF Line XP Fishing Line

Make your fishing time at sea all the more enjoyable and worthwhile by getting yourself a reliable braided fishing line that’s fit for trolling and hauling up heavy saltwater fish. The Western Filament braided fishing line is a premium line made with Aerospace technology. It is waterproof and it has 0% stretch so it has better resistance against breakage and abrasions. It has a small diameter too so you can use it in dense aquatic environments. It’s also resistant to UV rays so you can go fishing under the sun and not worry about the line’s quality degrading. Besides its remarkable strength, this line also makes for great casting with its great flexibility. You can have this braided fishing line in spools of 300 yards, in colors of green or yellow and in capacities for 10 to 80 pounds.


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