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The Best Folding Pocket Knives

Updated on October 7, 2015

It's A Man Thing

If you've ever been in a room and someone asks for a knife, you've probably seen every guy reach into their pockets and pull all sorts of different cutting edge blades to save the day. Crisis averted.

It's a usual occurrence, and it's nice to have one handy when the time calls for it; but picking one that is perfect for you is something that you want to choose carefully. I've had my fair share of folding knives, and used them for all occasions during my years of Boy Scouts so I thought I'd give my thoughts on the best types that are out there.

Warning: Knives Are Not Toys

What I'm recommending is for tool use and for practicality; not for playing with or using incorrectly. Knives are always a risk for injury if used improperly.

Knives are essential to a man's set of tools.
Knives are essential to a man's set of tools. | Source

What Are You Looking For?

The question that you should ask yourself is,"What kind of knife am I looking for?" Some of you may already know the answer to that, but if you don't here are some questions that you can consider before making your next purchase of a knife.

1. Do I want a Jagged or Straight-Edged knife?

Knifes have the option of jagged edges or straight edges. The jagged-edges are great for cutting rope and other similar items, as they have a saw-like edge that can grip easier and cut more with ease. However, the downside is that the jagged-edge can take up quite a bit of space on your knife.

Straight-edges are a little more challenging when cutting rope or string, but has better abilities to wood and other miscellaneous objects. I prefer this type more because it is much more of an all-around knife. Yeah, so maybe it is hard to cut some things, but it is much more appropriate for what I do.

2. What size am I looking for?

In this case, size does matter; and it really will depend on how comfortable you want it when you carry it around with you. Are you looking for something that is huge with a lot of blade, or something smaller that is more comfortable in your pocket?

Now they do have some options available where you can get a belt clip. This allows you to put it on your belt or even on your backpack, pocket, or whatever suits you at the time. Either way, knives will serve its purpose, but may take longer or shorter time depending on the size.

3. Spring loaded?

Spring loaded knives are cool, but it really will not improve the quality of the knife. The best thing that you'll see here is that you can deploy it faster than if you were to manually open the knife. They will even come with a side notch to grab with your thumb or a trigger in the back that you push to release the knife. I find it nice on occasion, but doesn't really feel necessary.

4. Do I want a lock?

You don't come across these very often, but some knives have the ability to be locked with a switch. This is particularly helpful if you want to purchase a knife for your children during a boy scout trip. Other than that, I don't find much of a use for it. But it is a preference.


Now there are some other smaller features that you can choose from such as color, looks, other tools, and grip. Those are entirely up to you and do not affect much of the knife's potential.

What Type Of Knife Do You Want?

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My Personal Knife

This is the knife that I take with me everywhere.  It has had a lot of use!
This is the knife that I take with me everywhere. It has had a lot of use!

My Top Recommendation

Gerber STL 2.0 Knife [22-41122]
Gerber STL 2.0 Knife [22-41122]

This is actually the knife that I bring with me everywhere, and I mean EVERYWHERE! This is my go to knife because of its simplicity, but good quality.

I forget that it is even there, but it is just long enough to be useful for everything I would need in my everyday life. Fun Fact: I actually have it in my pocket as I write this. How is that for honest review? ;)


Now That You've Decided

Once you've picked out what type of knife you are looking for, you can now look at what is considered to be the best in that category. Naturally, the higher quality will bring up the price, but you can always find a good balance to what you want with the price you're willing to pay for.

I recommend doing some research on Amazon or your favorite online store and seeing what they have available for your purchase of a folding knife. I'm sure you've already done a bit of that, so this step should be pretty easy for you.

I do have a few choices of my own below that I prefer for myself, but you choose what is best for you. What matters is your best pick with a knife that is perfect for you.

Multitools Are Cool Too!

Some knives can be a part of a multitool.  This allows more variety of uses you can have for more situations.
Some knives can be a part of a multitool. This allows more variety of uses you can have for more situations.

Great Things Knives Can Do

Knives are a man's best tool; you can find some use for it in almost any given situation. From cutting objects to shaving edges, there is always something that can be fixed with a knife. Here are a few lesser known ways to use your knife.

1. Screwdriver

One that is a little more commonly known is using the knife as a screwdriver. If the backside of the blade is small enough, you can take it to any screw and get a solid hold on whatever you're trying to do. It won't be near as easy, but it works right?

2. Flint Starter

If you've got any flint around, you can bring your knife with you and get some fire started! There are some knives that will have flint to accompany it, but you can always grab some at a store and keep it on your persons. This is only if you are camping or planning on making a fire anytime soon (which is always a good idea).

3. Drilling Holes

Now is really for emergencies, or unless you really prefer to sharpen your blade as this will dull the tip pretty quickly. You can take the tip of your knife and create a little hole or groove to use for screws, nails, or whatever else you may need it for. It's nice when you're in a pinch and have nothing else to use.

Tactical Folding Knife

Smith & Wesson SWFR 8in Stainless Steel Folding Knife with 3.3in Drop Point Blade and S.S. with G-10 Inlay Handle for Outdoor Tactical Survival and Everyday Carry
Smith & Wesson SWFR 8in Stainless Steel Folding Knife with 3.3in Drop Point Blade and S.S. with G-10 Inlay Handle for Outdoor Tactical Survival and Everyday Carry

Here is a great folding knife that isn't too big nor too small (perhaps larger than what would be comfortable in your pocket, though). It has just a fine edge with a built-in car seatbelt cutter and window smasher on the other side of the blade. This would be particularly useful to have in the car because of the special tools.

*Just so you know, I have not personally owned this knife, but I have heard great reviews from others that this is a great knife to purchase. Smith & Wesson are also a great company for purchasing knives from, so I can say with confidence that you will enjoy its use.*


How To Clean Your Folding Knife

Knives are going to get dirty if you use it at all... hands down. So getting it clean is going to be something that you'll want to know how to do. You don't have to worry though, because it is SUPER easy and you'll have pretty much if not all the materials needed to clean it. I'm going to show you several methods on how to clean it!

Let's begin!

1. Oil and Rag

Why I said oil instead of water is that water will rust the metal and reduce the longevity of your knife. Instead, oil does a great work on your knife and it won't affect the quality of the metal. In fact, you will even be able to lubricate the joints while you clean so that it will be smoother. Win-win!

2. Q-Tips

For those hard to reach places, you can grab a few Q-Tips and wedge them in those areas to eliminate the dust, grime, and whatever your folding knife has picked up in your pocket. Again, you can use some oil to help get a deeper cleaning. Make sure you don't get the Q-Tip stuck in the knife though. That wouldn't be fun at all!

3. Knife Cleaning Kit

They have some great cleaning kits that you can purchase online or at your favorite outdoor store. Some kits even have some polish that works well with your knives. My father has purchased one of these before, and they work wonders! Be sure to check them out when you have a chance.

How To Clean Your Folding Knife

I hope you guys enjoy this article! If you have any questions or would like to let me know how you liked this article, leave a comment below and tell me what you think! I love to hear from you guys!

Thank you all!

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