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The Best Kayak Accessories For More Fun And Convenient Kayaking

Updated on December 1, 2010

Kayaking is one of the best things to do outdoors, especially with your friends. Just thinking about the rush and view while in the water is enough to send us to go kayaking immediately. If you want to get the best kayaking experience possible, then you must be prepared to have quality equipment and that must start with a hardy and comfortable kayak suited for the type of kayaking you have in mind.

You also got to have some high quality kayak paddles that will make maneuvering easy. Now, these are only the basics which should not be too difficult to have. However, there may be other kayak accessories you might not think right away but necessary so before going kayaking I’ll be sharing some of them with you just to make your kayaking an experience you will fully enjoy.

First, we know that paddles are important because they help you navigate the waters with ease. You know what will happen when your paddles may accidentally slipped off and drift away from your kayak so you’ll need some clips to keep them in place. Next, you’ll be in the water so splashing here and there is inevitable. What you’ll need to keep your valuables dry is a waterproof bag called a dry bag.

Another kayak accessory is the work table which comes in handy if you’ll need a flat surface to do things while on the water. If you might want to go fishing, you also need fishing rod holders, mats and more. You’ll see them in the list that follows in order to make your decisions on choosing kayak accessories easier. If you’ve already gone kayaking before, then here are some things that will help the next kayaking trip a lot more fun and convenient.

Pelican Kayak Work-Table
Pelican Kayak Work-Table

Pelican Kayak Work-Table

This kayak accessory is exactly what you need for those things that are just more comfortably done on a flat surface like reading charts or compasses. It comes from Pelican, one of the most respected brands when it comes to high quality outdoor water sports gear. This kayak work table measures 11 inches long, 7 inches wide and 1 inch thick and it’s designed to fit most kayak models so there’s a very good chance that this will fit just right in your kayak. It can be installed easily using the Pelican Accessory Mounting Kit. It’s made of durable materials suited to withstand wear and tear in aquatic regions and it even includes a waterproof compartment sealed with a buckled strap for keeping your important items safe.

Yak Clip-on Paddle Clip
Yak Clip-on Paddle Clip

Yak Clip-on Paddle Clip

For keeping your paddles right were they should be, the Yak Clip-On kayak paddle clip is just the right solution. You can clip it anywhere to hold your valuable paddles and it attaches in just a couple of seconds. For those with kayaks without built-in paddle holders, this paddle holder is the neatest way to keep your steering implements around without having to bore holes. Plus, you can easily move it around so you can adjust your position however you want and keep your paddles somewhere comfortably within your reach. And for the bonus, this paddle clip can also hold other kayaking accessories such as dry bags, drinking tubes and fishing rods so they stay intact and within your reach even through stronger currents.

Seattle Sports Deluxe Deck Bag
Seattle Sports Deluxe Deck Bag

Seattle Sports Deluxe Deck Bag

For the best security for you valuables, here’s a reliable kayak deck bag you can bring with you on your kayaking trips. This deck bag measures 14 inches long on the D-shaped part, 13 inches wide and 6 inches tall. It features high quality materials with fully welded seams to make sure that the water stays out. It features a window which allows you easily see what’s stored inside. It also reflects light easily so it’s great for having around after dark when you need help or when you need to get some of your tools. This bag has a fairly big capacity and it can be easily installed with straps and bungee cords that keep it in place at the same time. It also features many loops on the sides for keeping it more secure onboard.

Scotty Baitcaster/ Spinning Rod Holder Black with 244 Flush Deck Mount
Scotty Baitcaster/ Spinning Rod Holder Black with 244 Flush Deck Mount

Scotty Baitcaster/ Spinning Rod Holder Black with 244 Flush Deck Mount

This is simply one of the best rod holders you can get. It measures 10 inches long, 7 inches wide and 3 inches tall. It can be used to hold fishing rods with bait casting reels or spinning reels. It features a latching strap that secures rods even when you need to do other things with both hands and there’s a lot at the front that’s specially made for spinning reels. For your convenience, this rod holder can be adjusted with its 360 degrees rotating feature. For times when you need to retrieve your rod, it also features pistol-grip rod butts that quickly latch off. This product comes with a combination deck mount and a side mount as well as instructions for installation.

Thule 854 Water Slide Kayak Carrier Accessory Mat
Thule 854 Water Slide Kayak Carrier Accessory Mat

Thule 854 Water Slide Kayak Carrier Accessory Mat

A lot of kayakers use many towels to facilitate kayak carriage on the top of their vehicles as well as to prevent their vehicle’s roof from getting scratches and other damages. But why settle for that when you can get something that’s more convenient and more reliable? From one of the most popular makers of rooftop kayak carriers comes this kayak carrier accessory mat. This mat works with a slippery top that makes kayak loading easier and a rubbery underside that keeps attached to the roof without sticking to your vehicle’s paint and damaging it. In addition to that, the Water Slide kayak accessory mat also prevents water, dust and sand from getting to the roof and doing damage. It dries easily too so it’s a lot more convenient than having to use towels that soak through on the ride home.


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