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The Best Recurve Bow

Updated on June 29, 2017

Ever tried hunting animal by archery? If yes then you know what a recurve bow is. For the sake of those yet to experience it, recurve bow is a bow with limbs that curve away from the archer when unstrung. It is a favorable one to the hunter since it stores more energy and transmits the same when used than the ordinary straight limbed bow. This way, the speed of the arrow will be the fastest. Not all recurves give this kind of benefit though, extreme recurve make the bow unbalanced when being strung. Despite the fact that you can choose from the wide variety of bows available in the market. Anyway, choosing one can be overwhelming experience. When shopping, look out for the following characteristics.

sample of recurve bow
sample of recurve bow | Source

Characteristic of best recurve bow

Name: what is the name of the bow? Look out for the brands. If not sure, look for customer reviews; positive reviews make a name. Some products have grown over time to be the best liked in the market by both beginners and experienced.

Bow string: it is an important part of the structure. If the bow is well curved but the string isn’t strong, then you will still experience difficulties like unnecessary vibrations, less arrow flight and noise. When searching for a recurve bow, pay special attention to the bowstring used.

Durability: not all bows stay long. Although factors like usability and weather can affect its durability, you need a recurve bow that is reliable in the field.

Price: it is important to get value for your money. Recurve bows come in a variety of sizes, quality and technicality. Get to know the price ranges of those suitable for men, women or even children before buying one. Ensure also that you don’t get one that is cheap only for it to break during the second shoot. Balance the quality verses the price. If you have never used a recurve bow, get one for starters at its price.

Features: there are recurve bows that a starter cannot use due to its complexity. Same thing with the experts, they choose only the best product. Know your competency level when going for a recurve bow to avoid disappointments

Portability: it is wise to consider its portability especially if you are an adventurers person. Where and when are you likely to use you recurve bow? An answer to the question will determine the one to buy. There are those that come with takedown and are the best if you are likely to be highly mobile.

Weight: this comes in in terms of portability and lifting when taking a short. It also comes in when it comes to the purpose for which you want to use it for. it becomes a priority concern if you want an all purpose recurve bow.

Length: the lenth of the bow will determine the far your arrow will go and at what speed. Look at the reason why you want to acquire one and the distance that will be involved. The distance will guide you on how to buy the correct length for you to achieve the results.

Draw weight: this is the amount of force required for you to pull the bow string. It will largely depend on your body weight. Just buy what you can handle then with time and experience, you shall be able to handle much weight.

The hand: this is one mostly overlooked factor. Before buying a recurve bow, get to know if it was made for a right handed archer or the left handed one. Choose the brand that have two special of these that serves perfectly well.

Safety: this should be the first factor to determine before buying your recurve bow. You need one that will give you less to none injuries while in use. Almost all bows have taken this into consideration but it won’t cost you anything just to counter check for it is your health and not the manufacturer’s.

All said and done, select and buy the right tool that fits your desire, need and ability. The best recurve bow is the one that has taken every consideration to satisfy all those requirements while still remaining accurate, easy to store and carry with low maintenance and perfect for both newbie’s and experienced.


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      2 years ago

      Price? Where can I buy it and how?


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