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Best Urban and Hybrid Bikes- and what to look for when choosing one.

Updated on April 7, 2016

The cycle industry is massive, manufactures are jumping over themselves looking for the next generation of bike to get you from the start to the finishing line as quick as possible. However there are some people who don't want a road racing or mountain bike as they really venture out of the city. For this category of professional person an urban bike is the way to go. Some people would run a mile from buying a drop angle-bar, 27 gear sore bummed road racing bike which would be like asking them to climb Mount Kilimanjaro. There just not interested in wanting to jump pavements or do 40 kph along 5th Avenue. These people like style, so they stick to Super-Minis or Porsches to look the part, they want an urban bike that says this is all about me, which is modern, trendy and stylish.

Finding a urban bike that meets all your needs is very time consuming. I have done the hard work for you, all you have to do is pick the one from this review that says, that's the right one for me. All the bikes covered have been tested and I can recommend all of them. Because the market size is small for this type of bike, manufactures offer excellent build quality and strong lasting materials and components, making your urban bike both trustworthy and reliable. There are no razor edged seats on these bikes, all are made for comfort, so cycling on a commute is a pleasure and not an endurance test.

If your looking for a bike and don't want to race over moors or hills and have already competed in the Tour De France (ha-ha) then the bike for you might be one of these great looking urban bikes. Try looking through the review and seeing which one matches your style. Going to the shops has never been classier than on one of these bikes. Leave the Porsche in the garage, you will feel happier than ever before and will get plenty of admiring glances along the way. And you will be doing your bit for the environment- checkout the emission free electric bikes to give you the freedom you deserve.

Schwinn Crest Women's Urban Bike

Schwinn Crest Women's Urban- Hybrid Bike.

There is a lot of style with the Schwinn Crest Urban bike, it comes with 700c wheels for easy cycling on roads and pavements. The upright position in which the rider sits, gives an authoritative view of the road a head. A great looking women's bike, the Crest offers an aluminum frame for lighter steering and control. Front SR Suntour suspension forks for taking the strain out of any road holes. The bike is fitted with 21 gears to ease your way up any hills or to cycle more efficiently.

The bike will take your shopping bag on the rear mounted rack, the chain is enclosed to stop any dirt or grease getting anywhere near your clothes. The steel platform pedals ensure good grip with your shoes and offer the rider greater purchase when cycling hard. The bike is complemented by front and rear mud guards to keep any rainwater splashes away from the rider.

This bike is excellent value for money, as some great components as standard and is a joy to ride. I fully recommend the Schwinn Urban Crest bike for commuting and has a shopping bicycle.

Sonoma Men's Chainless Urban Bike

Sonoma Men's Chainless Urban Voyager Bike

The Sonoma is an ideal commuting bike for work, or to take a leisurely ride around town, or for heading to college classes. Try just taking it to your favorite coffee shop at the weekend. Whatever your destination, the Sonoma Urban Voyager will get you there in style. By using our patented Chainless D-Drive System, The Sonoma Urban Voyager helps to ensure a smooth, easy ride every time you go for a spin. Instead of the traditional chain, the Sonoma Urban Voyager incorporates an exclusive D-Drive system, a self-contained drive shaft that powers the bike – but without the noise, mess or maintenance issues. People all over the world are already enjoying the benefits of the chainless evolution. And with the Sonoma Urban Voyager, it’s easy to start taking full advantage of them yourself. Designed specifically for easy, comfortable trips through urban and suburban environments, the Urban Voyager chainless bicycle is loaded with features like, a durable and lightweight aluminum frame that makes the bike easy to transport. State-of-the-art front and rear alloy brakes with easy-to-reach pull levers. An ergonomically designed seat that helps ensure a comfortable ride. Sonoma chainless bicycles are manufactured by Dynacraft, a leading manufacturer of bicycles for 25 years. Because of this, you can rest assured that the Sonoma Urban Voyager is engineered and manufactured with top-quality materials.

Looking for a bike of the future without all the usual effort, try the Sonoma Voyager bike to ease yourself into work or just out for an afternoon ride.

Urban Mover Terrain Folding Electric Bike

Urban Mover Terrain- Folding Electric Bike

The ultimate bike for the commuting professional. A bike that folds up so that it can be stacked or stored on a train and is ready and willing to take you to the office and a round the city and back home again all on a single charge of the battery. The future for commuting is here in the Urban Terrain Bike.

This bike is sleek, great looking and perfect for the city, no more traffic jams or arriving late for a meeting. Even a casual cyclist can maintain a speed between 12-18mph. The electric motor senses how hard you are pushing and the motor picks up to take over- how good is that!.

If you can't charge or change the battery the bike operates as a normal bike. It has Shimano 6 speed gears and Shimano shifters, 20 " alloy wheels with stainless steel spokes. Complete with mud guards to protect you from slashes of rain. The bike folds up so you can place it in your car trunk. The weight is around 44lb in total so it's easily manageable, the bike is virtually silent when your riding it, so you can concentrate on the road around you.

Perhaps the most popular feature, however, is the emission-free design, which is far cleaner and greener than carbon-based transportation. And if you charge the bike using power from a wind generator or solar panels, you'll be even greener. All that plus it doesn't smell or rattle, is completely silent, and is easy to maintain.

Men's Urban Sprite Electric Bike

Urban Mover Sprite Electric Bike

The most popular form of transport in the world is the bicycle, but only a few Americans take it seriously as a car alternative. Enter the Urban Mover men's Sprite electric hybrid bike, a battery-powered bicycle that can go farther and faster than a conventional bike with little effort.

The Sprite is fitted with traditional bike features as a lightweight, double heat-treated alloy frame, a Shimano Tourney gear set and shifter, and 26-inch alloy wheel rims with stainless-steel spokes. It's the advanced Panasonic lithium battery and powerful UM brushless hub motor that really steal the show.

The electric assistance makes it easy to pop into town for groceries or commute across the city, because the bike's sensor detects how hard you're riding and instantly matches the effort. Even the most casual peddler can maintain speeds of 12 to 18 miles per hour with a minimum of effort. And when you stop peddling, the power is interrupted immediately so that you're always in total control. It's the perfect bike for commuters tired of facing traffic jams day in and day out or dealing with the spiraling costs of owning car. 

Urban Mover Cruiser Electric Bike

Urban Mover Cruiser Electric Bike

The Urban Mover Cruiser electric bike is a battery-powered bicycle that can go farther and faster than a conventional bike with little effort. The Cruiser is fitted with traditional bike features as a lightweight, double heat-treated step-through alloy frame, a Shimano Tourney gear set and shifter, and 24-inch alloy wheel rims with stainless-steel spokes.

It's the advanced Panasonic lithium battery and powerful UM brushless hub motor that really steals the show. The battery electric assistance makes it easy to pop into town for groceries or commute across the city, because the bike's sensor detects how hard you're riding and instantly matches the effort. Even a casual peddler can maintain speeds of 12 to 18 miles per hour with a minimum of effort. And when you stop peddling, the power is interrupted immediately so that you're always in total control. It's the perfect bike for commuters who have become tired of facing daily traffic jams, or trying to juggle the spiraling costs of public transport. 

Take it from me the freedom one of these electric bikes gives you is worth the cost alone. Meeting friends will be much more fun, dashing across town to have a quick bite then back to the office. You will feel 10 years younger once to get one of these bikes, so don't put off getting one, order one today.

Schwinn Discovery Ladies Bike

Schwinn Discovery Ladies Urban- Hybrid Bike

The Schwinn Discovery bike is an absolute delight, great looking, a suspension comfortable seat, swept back handlebars so you sit more upright while riding. This bike powers a big punch in that it has 21 gears so the boys won't be leaving you behind. For shopping this bike has a rear carrier rack that will take your groceries, so leave the car behind and get some fresh air and a little exercise. It is the greatest feeling, having freedom to go where you want- biking is so liberating, once you get started on your urban bike you will find it hard to ever stop.

The Discovery has Shimano components and derailleurs so the bike is equipped with good components that will last. Front and rear fenders to keep the rain water and splashes at bay. Take a closer look at this bike it will get you out to meet friends and collegues, is comfortable to ride and the price is amazing for the quality and components that are on it. Buy the Discovery today and let it take you on the road to discover a new you.

Diamondback Serene Citi Comfort Bike

Diamondback Serene Citi Women's Comfort Bike.

The Diamondback comes in two frame sizes a 15" and a 17", so depending on how tall you are make your choice. To help you if you are under 5' 4" go for the smaller size, any taller then go for the larger size. This bike is built for comfortable riding, and for taking the strain out of incline. The best feature about this bike is the spring loaded seat that gives you a little bounce as you ride along.

The Diamondback is an entry level bike made to give you a great ride , comfortable position and ease of use of all the gears and braking features. Get out on a path or river side trail or just along the pavement to feel the sturdy Diamondback bike, frame is made from steel for that solid feeling. This is a no frills bike but it still has good gears that will tackle most hills with ease.

If your looking to venture into the world of Citi biking and don't want to spend a great deal of money then you would be wise to look no further and purchase the Diamondback Serene Citi bike today.

Men's version.
Men's version.

Currie EZip Trailz Step Thru Men's and Women's Electric Bike.

Bicycles are a terrific mode of transport, but sometimes you just need a little extra push while getting around town. Enter the eZip Trailz women's electric comfort bike, which is equipped with a 450-watt DC earth magnet motor and a 24-volt rechargeable battery. Far cleaner than gas-powered scooters but zippier than a traditional bike, the Trailz will get you from point A to B in no time at all, but won't guzzle gas or push out pollutants in the process.

The battery offers a range of 15 to 22 miles per charge, so you can make it back and forth to the grocery store several times without running low on power. And once you're on the road, the Trailz boasts a top speed of 15 miles per hour (depends on the rider weight)--plenty fast enough for most bike-friendly city streets. Is your work commute too far to walk but close enough that a car seems wasteful? Turn to the Trailz, which comes with a rear rack to carry groceries and other gear.

There is a mans version of this bike called The Currie EZip Trail Electric Bike and a lthough the components are similar to the ladies bike, the frame is stronger and detailed differently.

Showing the bike folded up.

IF-Reach 8 Speed Folding Electric Bike- Black

Ok- you have the Porsche in the garage, you have money in the bank, nice clothes, a good job and life is just wonderful. One thing spoils all of this for you....driving in traffic. Getting through the City on a Monday morning for an important meeting at 9.30am is not going to happen, well not unless you have one of these stylish little beauties on the train with you or folded up in your car trunk.

The If- Reach folding electric bike is the Ferrari of the electric bike world. Let's take a closer look at the specification to convince you this is the best.

Ideally made for city commuting, the IF Reach DC pedal-assisted electric bike will get you from A to B in comfort and style. The IF Reach DC is equipped with Pacific's innovative Integrated Folding (IF) technology, which allows you to fold the Reach frame into a compact package for convenient storage and transportation. As a result, you can ride the bike to work, fold it up, and store it in a corner of your office, or you can ride several miles to the subway stop and take the train the rest of the way. The IF Reach DC is perfect for RVers, college students, city commuters, and anyone else looking for a fun and easy way to get out and about.

The IF Reach DC also includes a whisper-quiet brushless motor with a pedal assist feature, so you can cruise up steep hills without taxing your legs to the limit. Other features include an eight-speed thumb-shifting gear system, a 24-volt lithium-ion battery, and a double-leg central kickstand.

You only live once so get the best electric bike on the planet today you will not regret it.

Schwinn LakeShore Cruiser women's Bike

Fetching the groceries or meeting friends for a mid morning coffee has never been so much fun. Once you try the Schwinn Lakeshore Cruiser bike, it comes in Champagne color- you will be in heaven. Clean lines, stylish, a comfortable seat and up right riding position make this a firm choice for those seeking a bike with gears if there needed, an innovative stylish frame that is strong and well built. A rear rack for storing a bag or the groceries. You get a high view of the road because of the seating position.

The cruiser comes with grip shift changes for easy to change gears. There are 7 speeds to choose from and it comes with Shimano TZ rear derailleur for quick shifts changes. It has rustproof 36-hole alloy rims that enables easy rolling at speed. This bike might look pretty in the Champagne colour, but it can also turn in some speed when it's required. Go on buy it, you know you want to. You will never look back, and it will give you some freedom to explore and feel fresh air in your face once again.


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    • BRIAN SLATER profile image

      Brian Slater 5 years ago from Nottingham Uk

      hello and thankyou Sunshine625 for reading my hub, these bikes will appeal to all those who don't like racing bikes and also don't like mountain bikes.Riding in style is the name of the game for these bikes. Thank you for your comment-much appreciated. :)

    • profile image

      yogabicycle65 4 years ago

      Hi, I live in NYC and have been a rider for fun & fitness here for about 12 years, am on my 2nd bike - a Bianchi Boardwalk hybrid - and am looking for a new bike. I live in a 4 floor walk up, which mans I haul this bike up & down 4 flights, getting more tedious as I get older, looking for something more compact & much lighter weight, but still with some style & performance. I don't want something really masculine sporty, which is a lot of what I'm seeing; at the same time I do need to carry this, so while many of the Cruiser styles, etc. are great looking, they're not practical for my situation. I got really seduced by the gorgeous Biria Mini 20, but as a petitie woman at 5'1", it was almost 2" too tall for me. I'm driving bike folks in the shops around here a little crazy with all my criteria & "pickiness". I'm considering a Fuji Absolute 3.0 at the moment, but I've yet to swoon over anything I've seen, sat on or picked up over my shoulder thus far. Any suggestions? I'm looking in price ranges from $500 - $ 900'ish; the right bike would certainly cause me to consider increasing $$ if necessary, but not really in the few thousand $$ range. Thanks!

    • BRIAN SLATER profile image

      Brian Slater 4 years ago from Nottingham Uk

      The Biria Mini 20 would have been my choice for you but because you are not very tall at 5ft 1" it might be too tall for you. You might be able to get it modified to suit you have you enquired? Other than that I would opt for a composite bike, made up specifically for your needs. Go for a really light weight frame and standard gearing which will bring the costing down. You should be able to get one for your budget so good luck.

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