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The Best Trolling Reels For Offshore Anglers

Updated on December 8, 2010

Whether you’re a casual angler or an experienced fisherman, some of the best catches from fishing experiences can come from trolling. Trolling is what we call the kind of fishing done on a moving boat. It can be done while you’re sitting at the rear of your boat, while you’re moving along the water or while moving the fishing line for the chance of getting a catch. This method of fishing is one popular way of getting big fishes such as kingfishes and mackerels because these giant fishes love to run after their prey. So, since this manner of fishing is commonly used for big hauls, you can expect that things – from the rod to the line – are all heavy duty here. Reels are no exception and those that are built for trolling are bigger and sturdier which enables it to withstand heavy weights and vigorous struggles from large fish. Trolling reels are usually made of aluminum which gives them their durability and tolerance for saltwater.

When looking around for trolling reels, some of the things that are worth noting are the reel’s construction, materials, number of ball bearings, drag and sometimes the handle. Remember that bigger reels are more convenient to use when going for bigger targets that are out in the ocean. Also, saltwater is likely to corrode metals such as iron, so be sure that your trolling reel is made of saltwater-resistant material such as anodized aluminum or graphite. Aside from being durable, these two materials are also known for their light weight which makes it more convenient and easier for fishermen to use it. After all, the fish you aim to catch with this kind of fishing are heavy enough and surely, you wouldn’t want the weight of your fishing reel to be cumbersome for you. Here are some of the best trolling reels you can rely on for big hauls out in the open sea.

Daiwa Sealine Series Conventional Reel, Casting, Jigging and Trolling
Daiwa Sealine Series Conventional Reel, Casting, Jigging and Trolling

Daiwa Sealine Series Conventional Reel, Casting, Jigging and Trolling

Save yourself lost time and enthusiasm due to curses and headaches brought by cheap fishing reels. If you want to get those big fish pouring in, you’ve got to invest in the best fishing gear you can possibly get. That’s why I recommend that you try the Daiwa Sealine Series Conventional Reel. It’s guaranteed to give you everything you look for in a trolling reel. Any experienced fisherman will tell you about the superiority of this brand. This trolling reel is specially designed to weather the conditions out there with you with its anodized aluminum frame and machine-cut, 7.7:1 ratio gears made of bronze and stainless steel. It also features side plates and a spool made of aluminum. You can be sure that this will last you for many years. It has 2 ball bearings to give you smooth functioning and a smooth disk drag that firmly keeps your line so you can have more confidence aiming for the big ones.

Okuma Classic Levelwind Star Drag Trolling Fishing Reel
Okuma Classic Levelwind Star Drag Trolling Fishing Reel

Okuma Classic Levelwind Star Drag Trolling Fishing Reel

Another great brand that delights avid anglers with its high quality fishing equipment is Okuma. The Okuma Classic Levelwind Star Drag Trolling Fishing Reel is designed to withstand the harsh effects of saltwater with its rust-proof spool, reel foot and frame because they are all made of high quality graphite which is not only very durable, but lightweight as well. This means that you can use it more easily when those big fish come tugging on your lines. This trolling reel also features a Rulidium drag system that allows you to adjust the drag to low or high settings so you get just the right kind of performance for every situation. This one promises to be every bit your money’s worth and more as it’s also guaranteed to give you several years of great fishing experiences.

Penn GTO Reel
Penn GTO Reel

Penn GTO Reel

Penn has long been a respected name among fishermen for its reliable and long lasting fishing gear. That means you can also be assured that this Penn GTO reel will give you the best service possible when it comes to trolling and many other kinds of fishing. This reel offers you a very durable main gear that’s guaranteed marine grade with its saltwater-resistant bronze alloy gear. It also has an anodized aluminum spool and stainless steel frame rings. That’s a good combination for strength, convenience and functionality because these materials will continue to look great and function smoothly even through many rough years out in the sea. This reel also features HT-100 drag washers that give you smooth and reliable drag. So if you’re looking forward to many years hauling loads of salmon, bass and sturgeons, you won’t be disappointed with this one. It’s available in sizes good for 320 yards of either 20 or 30-pound capacities.

Okuma Left Hand Star Drag Magda Reel
Okuma Left Hand Star Drag Magda Reel

Okuma® Left Hand Star Drag Magda Reel

It’s not the right hand that rules the world and this reel shows you that there are really great steals for left-handed people. This great trolling reel is made of graphite that makes it immune to the onslaught of saltwater and makes it convenient and easy to handle for fishermen. If you’re going to haul up big catches, the last one you don’t want to have is a reel that weighs a ton and this reel is so lightweight for its size. Aside from that, this trolling reel features a multi-disk carbonite drag that proves tougher in the face of huge vigorously struggling fish. It also features a self-lubricating 4.0:1 ratio brass gear system plus a couple of stainless steel ball bearings that give you the smoothest functioning possible. This trolling reel is also available in a right hand design suitable for right-handed people.



Here are some other reels for Okuma that are definitely fit for trolling. These Magda Pro LineCounter Reels feature heavy duty gears and durable materials suitable for exposure to marine water. It also features machine-cut brass gears, stainless steel ball bearings, a carbonite drag and a graphite spool that will surely last several years of heavy fishing in vast waters. Each Magda Pro LineCounter Reel has self-lubricating gear system like its Okuma brothers and a couple of ball bearings plus a multi-disk drag for the smoothest performance possible. You can be sure that this will keep your line smooth, untangled and secured when the big fish comes. Its graphite spool also makes for reliable line smoothness as well as convenience for anglers because of its light weight. Bring this wherever you want to catch game fish for delightful results.


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