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Camping by "Blanket and Tent"

Updated on June 8, 2014

The Blanket and the Tent

The Blanket and the Tent
The Blanket and the Tent | Source

Tent and Blanket Idea

The Blanket and the Tent

There are so many travel options we can go and do, you can have the blanket and tent type of vacation in the woods. One can go to a posh hotel and experience the city, and all the glitz and glamor of city life, or opt out for just a relaxing hideaway in the foothills of a State Park and next to a running stream or lake. The blanket and tent idea sure sounds appealing especially for a couple of days.

As a country in high fuel cost and almost anything we touch is at least five dollars like a quarter use to be. The idea of using a blanket and a tent is not so bad. There are no limitations on what and where we can travel. Some might work for fortune 500 companies and are able to jet away every day to another city or town. These individuals do not enjoy the tent living as they are use to the elegance of hotels. The thought of pitching a tent with a loved one in a serene environment where the grass is green and no one around for miles sound really appealing to some.

The quietness of staying in a tent and not having a radio, no television just the sparks of the fire crackling in front of you while you began to cook is appealing. The thought of pulling your ice chest out and throw on some Omaha Steaks from the home freezer on the fire grill, and throw some seasoning on the meat and grab a cold one sounds really nice.To be able to sit with the one you love or like quite a bit, and just take in the night sky. It sure is hard to see the stars anymore and to be able to lay under them and look at the constellations sounds actually fun out in the country. The outdoors man really does not do without when it comes to camping gear anymore, but even if you had just a few items, a lantern, sleeping bags, a tent, and a portable radio for weather would be a good idea. The bustling of the sticks when you lay your head down in your tent would be of no worries, just animals , so a gun may be a good idea to have just in case. No fear of being robbed , or having your windshield broken into overnight, or messing with a bunch of rowdy drunks as you would if you stayed in town.

The romance of such an outing would be greatly appreciated from your spouse, and therefore your love life may become more spontaneous and fun for a benefit of camping in a tent and blanket. If your spouse has never gone primitive camping like this , he or she would really grow closer to you and more intimate your life may be. It would definably be an adventure to wake up the next morning with dew on the ground and birds chirping away and feeling a bit hurt on how you slept in those uncomfortable sleeping bags. The profound fun is what I would think you would feel after your first night in the country and a sense of accomplishment, and possibly closer to the one your with. Making coffee over the fire and getting bacon out and biscuits to have a decent breakfast, and hearing nothing but nature surround you .

Now depending on if you have slept in a tent in years or your first time , it would make sense to try such a trip , where I live it would mean a good 200 miles to find green grass, living in the desert, so the setback to me would be gas, and the food I would just take from home and drinks. Sometimes a humbling experience like the blanket and tent experience is what we all need to realize what we really do have in life , and to thank God we don’t have to live this way every day , just a night or two would be a good try out. Leave me a comment if you have done such a thing, and tell me if it was pure torture or if you both had fun. The closest thing I would think to almost a perfect outing. The stories to come home with and have something to talk about differently would be worth the trip. This I will try after I find the female companion, because that would only make this type trip, fun. Enjoy your hotel room tonight or your own room ,then go and have a blanket and tent getaway , most of you possibly live somewhere where you do not have to drive so far. This might just be what the doctor ordered for you and your spouse.


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