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The Boston Bruins VS Montreal Canadiens Rivalry !

Updated on December 9, 2011

Rivalry break down.

Both Hockey teams, The Boston Bruins and The Montreal Canadians are part of the Original six teams of the NHL. These two hockey teams have been playing against each other year after year. These two teams have the most heated rivalry in all of the NHL.

Montreal Canadians are a very tough hockey team, and they have been one of the best teams in the NHL for many years. Boston and Montreal have the oldest rivalry in the history of the NHL and they have squared off more then 500 times.

Bruins-Canadiens rivalry Moments !

 <> The Boston Bruins have won 255 NHL hockey games  against the Canadians, with scoring  1,814  goals against the Canadians. The Canadians have won 320  games , and scoring a total of 2,071 goals against the Bruins. These two teams have played against each other more then 600 times. This rivalry  was started way back in 1924 when the bruins step  on too the ice for there first NHL season.

<> The Canadiens would beat the bruins three times in  the stanly cup finals throught out  the 50s. In 1952 Maurice Richards  got the series winning goal in over time against the Boston Bruins.

<> In the 70s it was pretty clear that these two teams had a very heated rivalry. In 1971 the bruins would go on and shatter many NHL records, and went into the play offs as the first seed. The Montreal Canadians beat the bruins in the first round in the play offs, and many NHL Insiders feal that, that victory against the bruins broke the Bruins Dynasty.

<> In the 1980s the NHL league changed there playoff scenario, witch lead to more post season games Between the Bruins and The Canadians. there are  some very famous fights between these two teams, during the 80s. one fight even took place in the locker room, and in the tunnel even after they have been removed from the ice.


The Boston Bruins !

The Boston Bruins have had a very rocky past in there NHL life. They have won the second most Stanly cups, for any American team, next too the Detroit Red-Wings. The Bruins had a very good team during the 20s-30s with winning the majority of the Stanly cups. In the 50s-60s how ever the bruins went on a down hill slope and they just could pull off any victory's.

The 70s-80s where up and down, winning some games and lousing others. In the 70s the bruins would break a 29 year stanly cup drought with a goal by the famous defence man Bobby Orr. In the 90s however the tide will change for the Bruins, in the 90s the bruins would go to the Stanly cup 3 times, and they had one of the best hockey teams throu out. The bruins would continue winning and being one of the best NHL teams throu out the NHL.

The Montreal Canadians !

The Montreal Canadians Have won more Stanly cups then Any other Franchise in the history of the NHL. They have won 25 cups in all and have a 25 Stanly cup victory Percentage. through 1965 and 1979 the Canadians have wonten champions ships in just 15 years. The Canadians hold the record for the fewest games lost in a 80 games season, witch still stands today.

The rivarly between this two teams is cleary a serious one. the rivarly between the two teams will not die down anytime soon.

Home Of The Bruins

A marker100 Legends Way Boston, MA -
Boston Garden Pro, 100 Legends Way # 200, Boston, MA 02114-1310, USA
get directions

The Boston Garden Home Of The Bruins

Bruins VS Canadians Rivarly !

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The Rivarly Contnues.

year in and year out the Boston Bruins and the Canadiens play each other with utter intensity. these two teams really have a heated rivalry, some say it is the best rivalry the NHL has ever seen.

The Montreal Canadians and the Boston Bruins are 2 teams that make up the Original 6 teams, witch means there rivalry goes back sense day one of the NHL. Hockey is one of the greatest sports in the world and with out such rivalries like the one brewing between the Canadiens and the Bruins, the sport would not bee so interesting. as of late the Bruins won the Stanley Cup in 2010/2011 hockey season,witch only makes this rivarly more interesting.


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      andrew 5 years ago

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