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Browns brain trust of Brown, DePodesta and Jackson make a necessary move.

Updated on January 10, 2017

Browns finally made a necessary move; firing their unproductive Defensive Coordinator Ray Horton. After his defense ranked 31st out of the NFL's 32 teams.

Browns defense allowed 452 points that's an average of 28.25 points per game. Only the 49ers were worse allowing 480 points.

The Browns Defensive Coordinator is Gregg Williams, 58 who may best be known for "Bountygate" while he was Saints DC. As a result, he served a one year suspension. In 2014 he was hired by Jeff Fisher as the Rams Defensive Coordinator. He also served as Head Coach of the Bills in 2001-2003 and went 17-31.

I applaud this move. It gives Browns fans some help that this new regime brain trust of Brown, DePodesta and Jackson, who has reasonable input, but not control of the roster, held their coaches accountable.

Browns Owner Jimmy Haslam decided to stay the course by keeping Head Coach Hue Jackson, EVP of Football Operations, Sashi Brown and Chief Strategy Officer Paul DePodesta even after finishing with a 1-15 finish.

Despite the NFL's worst record, Browns were in most games and could/should of had a few more wins. They lost to Miami in OT in which they blew a game-winning FG at the end regulation time and blew a 20-0 halftime lead against the Ravens

As for Horton, his firing was absolutely necessary. This was his second go-around with Browns. He served in the same roll in 2013 with slightly better results; 406 points allowed and the team finished with a 4-12 record.

With the Browns having two 1st-Round picks, included the coveted #1 overall pick Hope is still alive in Cleveland.

Let's hope this brain trust; namely Sashi Brown and Paul DePodesta are smart enough this draft to hold on to these two important picks and get the two best players available. Especially DL Myles Garrett (6'5", 270) who's projected to be a big-time defensive play maker as well as be the nation's top pick.


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