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The Camping Writer

Updated on September 20, 2014

The Camp Writer

Camping Writer

What is a camping writer? Of course, someone who camps and then writes about it. This is the correct answer, but not all the answers. Writing about camping, is the big part, but.

Getting to the place you are going to camp and the planning that goes into it is much more of a correct answer. Sometimes the planning and the traveling to the camping site are as interesting as the camping itself.

Getting out the camping books, and looking at the camping spots along the route you plan to take, can be very exciting. You find that a camping ground along the way does something, like hay rides, has a rodeo, plays country music the night you just happen to want to stay there.

What do you do, right, you stay!

There are so many different things going on; in the different camp grounds, you just have to be there when it’s happened.


Sometimes, there are the problems too. Flat tire, engine problems, thing's that just seem to happen to all of us.

I have met some great people over a flat tire. And things that people will go out of their way to help you. That is an article in its self. In your planning, you come on a camping ground that is going to have an activity that you or your wife would like to take part in.

This might be only 20 miles from where you camped the night before. So what, good and enjoy it. This is the way we like to travel.


Finding magazines that will run your article is not that hard. You may not get rich doing this, but it pays for gas, and the good times. If you can use a camera, you can make money from the camping magazines or the photo stock houses too.

If you are retired, or you can get away for a few months or weeks, get out there. As soon (maybe in Nov-Dec) we will be on the road again We will be heading for Florida for the winter, then from there we will go anywhere we want to go. Anyone interested in traveling with us can get hold of us through our web site,, Look forward to hearing from you.

Full time campers can be so much fun; you have to be loose and flow with what is going on around you.

For those who haven't camp and have question, please go to, and I bet you will find your answer.


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