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The Chicago Black Hawks: A Look At The Past,Present,And Future Of The NHL Team

Updated on February 2, 2012

The Black Hawks

The Chicago Black Hawks are one of the best NHL hockey teams going today.The Hawks have great goal tending,tough defense, and some great fowards who know how to light up the lamp.The Chicago Black Hawks play in the Western Conference,for the Central Division. 1926 was the first year the Blackhawks started their hockey franchise, since then they have won four Stanley cups with the latest being the 2009-10 NHL hockey season.

The Black hawks call the United Center home, also Chicago is known to be a big Hockey town with plenty of hockey fans to go around. The Black hawks are currently in fourth place in the Central division, and are seventh in the whole hockey league.


The Early Days Of The Chicago BlackHawks

In 1926 the NHL implemented their first string of expansions, alongside with the New York Rangers and the Detroit red rings, the Chicago Blackhawks were entered into the NHL. Frederic Mclaughlin was the franchises first owner, Frederic was also known as a coffee Guru, who named his hockey team after a native American from the sauk nation, which had a huge Stamp in the history of Chicago Illinois. The Blackhawks were also the first NHL team to have a full American heritage lineup.

The first few seasons, the black hawks saw moderate success, until the 1934 hockey season, where the black hawks overwhelmd the Detroit red rings, in a double overtime 1-0 Stanley Cup championship victory win.

The BlackHawks StanleyCup Victory Years!

The BlackHawks have won four Stanley Cup champion ships in franchise history. The years are as follows.

  • 2009-2010
  • 1960-1961
  • 1937-1938
  • 1933-1934

Rivalries For The Black Hawks

Rivalries in any sport ,for any team are great. where would we be as sports and hockey fans if we did not have rivalries. Hockey rivalries are great,because of all the Physical,and mental fighting that takes place on the ice.The Chicago Black Hawks are no substitute to the rule, hear are some Rivalries that the Black Hawks had to face off through the years.

  • The Original Six NHL Teams
  • Chicago Black Hawks VS Detroit Red Wings
  • Chicago Black Hawks VS St. Louis Blues
  • Chicago Black Hawks VS Vancouver Canucks

Where Is The Cup?

At some point every team and every franchise goes through a down period of time that they just can't seem to win. Whether it's due to injuries,or poor Draft Picks, the Blackhawks went through such a period of time. The drought started back in 1967, when the Chicago Blackhawks over saw a very one-sided trade to the Boston Bruins.

The late 60s and early 70s were not good to the Blackhawks. Finally by 1982 the Blackhawks got into the playoffs by the hairs on there chin VIA the fourth seed. The Blackhawks would finally make it to the Stanley Cup finals in the 1991-1992 NHL season, where they lost to the Pittsburgh Penguins 4-0

Todays Stars

  • Marian Hossa
  • Jonathan Toews
  • Patrick Cane
  • Patrick Sharp
  • Daniel Carcillo
  • Duncan Keith
  • Brent Seabrook
  • Corey Crawford

Black Hawk Legends.

  • Jeremy Roenick
  • Ed Belfour
  • Chris chelios
  • Steve Larmer
  • Pat Stapleton
  • Moose Vasko
  • Cy Wentworth
  • Phill Esposito
  • Doug Mohns
  • Doc Rommes
  • Alex Levinsky
  • Mike Marmas


Stanley Cup Champs And Beyound

The Stanley cup made its return to the windy city, of the Chicago Black Hawks, in the 09-10 NHL hockey season with the help form Duncan Keith,Patrick Cane, and Jonathan Toews. The fans in Chicago where very happy,and the windy city was again known as the Hockey Town Of America.


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