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The Chicago Cubs finally won a world series in 2016! And why baseball fans need to shut up about curses!

Updated on November 22, 2016
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Casual sports fan ranting and raving about various sports topics. No stats or anything that serious. Just casual sports talk

The Steve Bartman Incident


Although I don't normally talk about sports, I figured a change of pace would be good. Don't get me wrong, I still plan on reviewing movies as my main forte on this site, but I also plan to branch out. Maybe write a few short stories, and write articles on various other topics like sports and politics. However, I decided to write about the Chicago Cubs winning a world series this year.

Unlike most sports articles, I should warn readers that this entire piece is extremely opinionated, and it shouldn't be taken too seriously. However, I hope you all enjoy reading anyway.

The Cubs finally win a world series for Chicago, and my general thoughts about it moving forward

Although I don't follow sports as religiously as I used to, I still follow them because various members of my family love sports. It gives us something to talk about, and something we can bond over. However, if it were up to me, then i wouldn't follow sports at all because most athletes are self absorbed a**holes that only care about their own self interests, and ego, rather than the common fan that supports them. However, that's a different topic to discuss at another time.

While I didn't follow the world series that closely this year, it has come to my attention that the Chicago Cubs have finally won a world series. Breaking the infamous "Bartman" curse so to speak, and finally winning a world series for Chicago....even though the White Sox kind of already did that over a decade ago...but I digress.

Granted, I will say that Cubs' fans should be happy about their team winning a world series, and frankly I think it's great for the city of Chicago. However, can we please stop with the damn curse talk?

Seriously, if you follow baseball, then you'll notice fans and media making excuses for the longest time for teams like the Red Sox and Cubs, by saying they couldn't win because they were...CURSED! Really? They were cursed?

First, it was the curse of the great Bambino, which played a huge reason why the Red Sox couldn't win crap after Babe Ruth went to the Yankees. Then it was the Cubs and their stupid curse of the Bartman, and I'm fairly sure there were others that I'm forgetting to mention. However, the point is that people need to stop making excuses, and just admit their team lost either because they freaking suck, or they just freaking lost to a better team. Is that really so hard to admit to? Do we really need to hide behind a curse excuse? Or can we all put on our big boy pants and just tell it like it is?

Here's why some of those curse excuses don't make any sense. In the case of the great Bambino cursing the Red Sox, you have to ask yourself why? Assuming there's an after life for the sake of argument, do you really think arguably the greatest baseball player who ever lived has nothing better to do with his time than to make sure his old Red Sox team never wins a world series? Doesn't that kind of reduce his legacy to looking like nothing more than a jealous ex girlfriend wanting her ex to fail at every relationship, after they broken up?

Seriously, do Red Sox fans think that the great Bambino would have nothing better to do with his time than to haunt their stupid baseball team for over a century? Does Babe not have other interests in the after life? For example, he could spend his time hitting on a dead Marilyn Monroe or something. Or hell if the guy was secretly gay, then I heard silent film actor, Rudolph Valentino, might've been a closet homo, so there you go. Not that there's anything wrong if you like the same sex, but just saying is all. The point is this whole "Curse of the Great Bambino" is pure nonsense, and anyone who buys into that crap obviously must have a very low opinion of Babe Ruth.

Or what about the infamous Bartman curse? Or the freaking Billy goat curse on the Cubs? For those of you who don't know anything about any of these curses, I'll give you a brief rundown. The Billy Goat curse happened in 1945, when a man and his pet goat attended a Cubs' game, but they were thrown out, so the guy puts a curse on the Cubs, to where they can never win another title again. And years later in 2003, Steve Bartman interfered with a play that cost the Cubs' a possible World series title.

Look, I'm not even going to get into the absurdity of these curses, from a logical perspective. However, it's important to note that before 2016, the Cubs' last world series happened in 1908. Why am I bringing this up? It's simple. If these two alleged curses held back the Chicago Cubs from ever winning a world series, then what was their excuse during the thirty seven year gap between the Billy Goat curse and their last world series in 1908? They weren't cursed during that time period, so what's their excuse for that, huh?

Or here's a better question. What about other teams that haven't won a world series in years? The Cleveland Indians haven't won a championship since 1948, and I don't see their fans making up bulls*** excuses on why their teams haven't won jack in years. So what gives?

Granted, I know there's other curses in baseball that I didn't mention like the one on the Chicago White Sox and etc, but I think my readers get the gist of what I'm saying. The point is that curses in baseball don't freaking exist, and most of them can be chalked up to mere coincidences, or lacking any kind of common sense, so I'm asking all baseball fans out there...pretty please...with sugar on top....don't ever bring up curses again. Seriously, if you're team loses a title game, or doesn't win a title for a while, then don't blame it on some boogey man curse that doesn't f**king exist. No, if your team didn't win, then they probably just sucked. Admit that and move on. Stop with the curse talk, as it's just a lame excuse.

Since the Bartman curse is lifted, I figured this music video would be appropriate

© 2016 Steven Escareno


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    • profile image

      Some Guy 13 months ago

      Henry Rowengartner is the real reason the Cubs won it all this year. Greatest pitcher of his generation hands down.

      Additionally speaking of Chicago sports: Michael Jordan personifies what you were saying of "athletes that are self absorbed a**holes that only care about their own self interests, and ego, rather than the common fan that supports them." Just saying