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The County Championship Points System

Updated on October 17, 2011

Here we look at how points are awarded in the LV= County Championship, the four-day cricket competition for first-class counties in England and Wales, and how winning, drawing or batting or bowling performances can affect a team’s standing in the table

(All information correct as of the 2011 season)

Points Allowances for the Result:

Winning teams will be awarded 16 points.

In a tied match, each team will be awarded eight points.

In a drawn match, each team will be awarded three points. A match where no play at all is possible will count as a drawn match and each side will score three points.

In a drawn match where the scores finish level, the side who bats last will receive eight points and their opponents three.

The difference between a tie and a level scoring draw is that for a match to be tied, the team batting last must have been bowled out. Consider these examples

• Team A scores 300 all out in first innings and 200 all out in second innings. Team B scores 250 all out in both innings. Result is a tie.

• Team A scores 300 all out in first innings and 200 all out in second innings. Team B scores 250 all out in first innings and 250 for 9 in second innings. Result is a draw, with team batting second receiving the same number of points as if the match had been tied, but not their opponents.

Bonus Points:

In addition to the allowances above, all teams - whether they win, lose, draw or tie – will be awarded bonus points based on their performance in the first innings of the match.

Batting bonus points are awarded for runs scored in the first 110 overs of the first innings. A team will be awarded up to five bonus points as follows:

• Less than 200 runs: no points
• 200-249 runs: 1 point
• 250-299 runs: 2 points
• 300-349 runs: 3 points
• 350-399 runs: 4 points
• 400 or more runs: 5 points

Bowling bonus points are awarded for wickets taken at any stage of the first innings, not just the first 110 overs. A team will be awarded up to three bonus points as follows:

• Less than three wickets: no points
• Three, four or five wickets: 1 point
• Six, seven or eight wickets: 2 points
• Nine or ten wickets: 3 points

No bonus points are awarded for second innings performances.

Points Deductions For Slow Over Rates:

Teams in the County Championship are expected to bowl 16 overs in every hour’s play. Provided that a team has bowled for at least four hours in a match, the number of overs they should have bowled is calculated by multiplying the number of hours they spent bowling in the match by 16. When determining the number of hours, an allowance of 2 minutes for every wicket taken is not counted as time spent bowling. Any team who has failed to meet their target is deducted 1 point for every over they fell short by.

In the closing stages it looked as if this rule could decide the outcome of the 2011 Championship division one, as eventual champions Lancashire had been deducted only one point during the season, while Warwickshire had lost nine points this way. But as it transpired, Lancashire would still have prevailed over Warwickshire had there been no deductions.

Final Positions:

Where two or more sides have the same number of total points, the order of these teams in the table is decided by applying the following tie-breakers:

• Most wins.

• If still level, fewest losses.

• If still level, team achieving most points in the matches between the teams level on points.

• If still level, most wickets taken.

• If still level, most runs scored


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    • profile image

      jitendra 3 years ago

      i conduct regular tournaments. one peculiar situation arised. 2 groups of 4 teams each. 1st league was clear with 2 teams winning. but 2nd league one team has won where second ended in a tie. scene now is

      a 2 win 4 ponits

      b 1 win 2 points

      c 1 tie 1 point

      d 1 tie 1 point.

      there is a bonus point system of 20% margin of defeat or win.

      query is that if both the tied teams win with a bonus or one of the tied teams win with a bonus will take them to 4 points. and team b with just a win will also end with 4 points. in this situation which team qualifies for semis. team with 2 win or team with 1 win ( with bonus) and 1 tie. pl reply soon