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The Craziest Wackiest Hunting Laws Nobody Told You About

Updated on December 28, 2015

Hunting rules were set up to benefit hunting in the long run. To prevent unnecessary over-kill and to keep people from going on a mass extinction rampage just because they had a bad week, hunting rules make sure that there will be animals left to kill even after the next generation comes up with their own wacky rules. Archers in New Hampshire need to put their name and address in every arrow. Guess that will make them think twice before shooting. If you live in Minnesota, you can’t sell the gall bladder or paws of a bear unless it is attached to the hide. Time to take stitching classes! Don’t be surprised just as yet, there are the craziest and wackiest hunting laws in the planet. Go get some popcorn before you read any further:

Crazy Connecticut

Grey Squirrel
Grey Squirrel

In Connecticut, it is beyond legal to hunt grey squirrel, rabbit and other furry creatures using “fire, smoke, Sulphur, dynamite, brimstone, chemical or gas”. We wonder if the Looney-Toons Coyote originated from here. Jokes apart, imagine the wars that might have been waged against squirrels and rabbits by the locals for the authorities to come up with such a law. In Los Angeles, California you can’t kill moths under a street lamp or any other light source. C’mon guys its cheating!

Empowering the Differently-Abled Hunters

Differently-Abled Hunters
Differently-Abled Hunters

There has been a marked increase in people faking around to be blind in Lone Star state. Apparently it is legal for the blind to hunt (obviously with a partner and laser equipment), while shooting a buffalo from the second story could land you in jail. In Tennessee you can hunt from a motor vehicle, aircraft or watercraft only if you are confined to a wheelchair. Maybe it’s the government’s way of showing sympathy to the less fortunate hunters.

It’s All under Jurisdiction

Recently a man named Rodney Poteat “forgot” to not only acquire a permit but also to report the kill after hunting down a deer and a bobcat. He was fined an astounding five thousand dollars and sent to two years in probation. That is okay, but this is when things get a bit whacky. During the probation, the violator is prohibited to take part in hunting or accompany another hunter anywhere in the world. It is acceptable to ban someone in the State or even in the country, but which audacious judiciary would do have the guts to exercise its power all over the world. No, it was not the UN who punished old Poteat. Moreover, if he flies to Antarctica and kills a few penguins on the way, how the authorities are going to stamp their control over the poles, we wonder!

The Luxury of Being an Albino Deer in Tennessee

Albino Deer
Albino Deer

If you’re a deer in the state of Tennessee, you better be an albino deer because it is absolutely illegal to shoot you down. Initially one might think it could be due to some sort of biological reason connecting albino deer with some sort of disadvantage, but in actuality no such reasons exist. Maybe someone must’ve thought albino deer are a separate endangered species which needs to be protected.

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Hunt and Forget

The state of Pennsylvania doesn’t care if you shoot deer but tracking your kill after the shot will make you liable to pay a hefty fine. That’s right, if you are out hunting in Pennsylvania you better hit the vitals because if your injured game runs away, using your tracking dog is illegal. It is okay to track turkeys though. Silver lining anybody?

The Queer Watery Ways of Law

Swimming Deer
Swimming Deer

If deer knew a thing or two about the wackiest hunting laws implemented by their much smarter human preys, they’d stay in water. Most states in the USA ban the shooting of deer if they are swimming or even just standing in a shallow pool of water. What is even murkier (that’s a pun alright) is the fact that there is no mention of flooded fields. Some of these regulations really need to be clearer (another pun of course), especially when you are talking about water.

The Fine, Dangerous Art of Fishing

Lonely Lady Fishing
Lonely Lady Fishing

Let us not forget the ones who love fishing! In Texas it is illegal for anglers to fish using lassos. Talk about Texas hunting laws. Pennsylvania is the only place in the world where you see people trying to fish with their feet, most of them quit after a day or two though. Interestingly it is illegal to fish using your hands or dynamite. The dynamite part is understandable, but hands! Seriously? If you’re an unmarried woman living in Montana, your rights are seriously being violated. You can’t go fishing alone. Why? Because you are not married! The guys who put in the law feel that it is too dangerous for you to fish alone. The only process which can apparently toughen you up, is marriage.

You Can’t Kill Whales, Even if you find One

Whale Killing
Whale Killing

Nebraska makes it illegal to kill whales. Those giant creatures finally have found a state which cares for them. It was time someone took the courage to protect these gentle creatures. To protect such a beast from maniac hunters is one of the most commendable and laudable laws out there. One problem though, there are no whales in Nebraska.

Top 5 Hunting Violations

Alabama – Putting the Lid Down On Fiery Hunters

The State of Alabama doesn’t allow the usage of flamethrowers while hunting. That should put out most of the fiery hunters. Apparently using fire is an unethical way of killing game which should be done in a more sophisticated manner like shooting. A gun is always less dangerous than fire right? Whatever may be, make sure you don’t yell “Smoked em!” after the kill. That is definitely going to get your ass on fire.

Alaskan Moose Can’t Fly

Alaska is a place where a plane could get handy to get into those far off stretches which are otherwise inaccessible. Many hunters rely on planes to even track their game. During one of those expeditions, if you happen to be sharing your flight seat with a moose, make sure you don’t push him off the plane even if he is a little bit rude. Alaskan law is very strict if you try to teach a moose how to fly. If you are that particular, lure him to a cliff and push him off from there. He might break a few bones but at least, you won’t be breaking the law that way!


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