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The Dark Age

Updated on November 25, 2014

U.S. Figure Skating Association needs a decisive action

This is a time that tries men's soul.

If you look around, there isn't a skater among newbies who skates correctly today except Polina Edmunds. Edmunds is capable of using her body correctly and jump correctly, though her skill is much desired yet.

Gold still has a lot to learn; you can tell by her upper body that the time of her training wasn't as long as other skaters.

Wagner still has jump problem; but who cares technical crap anyway under the outright fraud?

We all know the ISU will bullshit Edmunds as they did Yuna Kim in Sochi. We have no reason to kid ourselves in their show.

We already know no Russians skater today can beat Edmunds if correctly judged, but the ISU was already taken over by those criminally minded.

USFSA needs to rethink whether it is prudent to send our athletes to the ISU set-up events. I think boycotting the ISU is the way to go to preserve figure skating and our legacy.

PCS Table for the Current Skaters

It is time to show people a correct PCS guideline about the current skaters, since the ISU judges are no longer credible. So I've decided to make a few skaters' PCS range table based on their present level of skating.

You will see how their current skating should be measured when they skate well enough within 90% of their total capacity.

Jump GOE is based on the condition that each skater makes landings relatively clean.

The current skater's PCS and GOE range

Jump GOE
Gracie Gold
7.0 -7.5
-1 to 0
Ashley wagner
7.0 -7.5
-1 to 0
Polina Edmunds
7.0 -7.5
-1 to +1
Julia Lipnitzkaia
5.0 - 5.5
-3 to -2
Adelina Sotnikova
7.0 - 7.5
-1 to 0
Elena Radionova
5.0 - 5.5
-3 to -2
Mao Asada
8.5 - 9.0
0 to +1
Carolina Kostner
8.0 - 8.5
0 to +1
This is based on Asada's leading the competition.

Elena Radionova in 2014

Julia Lipnitskaia

Polina Edmunds

According to the footages above, how much do you think Edmunds should score compared to Julia Lipnitskaia?

See results

Why Russian Skaters can't do?

Can you tell the difference in jump between the two Russian skaters and Edmunds?

If you can't, either you are new to figure skating, or you are just a liar. All of three are a long way to go to be top skater, but there is a glaring gap between Edmunds and two Russian skaters.

The skaters in the first two footages are not even qualified for senior competition as far as their jump is concerned.

Those wobbly jumps stem from fundamental depletion of skating skill and training. This also has to do with their physiological features.

Edmunds in the above won't earn + GOE by me, however, her technique is correct and a right way to do.

As demonstrated above, the kind of jumps that current Russian skaters mostly do categorically falls into a methodological cheating.

The reason why their jumps are so unstable and shaky is their inability of controlling the shift of center of weight. It has to do with many things: their physiological shape, lack of strength to control the landing impact, lack of control in-between moves, lack of edge control, etc.

This is a comprehensive failure.

Those jumps are not acceptable to be qualified for senior competitions. If we have to, they are all subject -2 to -3 even with landing.


Russian's gamble

What Russians are doing is in order to produce triple jumpers, they produce deformed skaters, physiologically and technically.

Mastering triple is so daunting that they decided to overcome it by manipulating weight or height in a hideous way.

They are playing a deformity game juggling between weight and height.

The problem is if you reduce your weight too much disproportionately, or your training is not healthy enough to handle your skating, your balance will be disarrayed as the ratio between your height and weight goes awry.

That's only a beginning. Skaters with tiny physique, unless you are Midori Ito, have trouble to absorb the landing impact, and they cannot control edge as good as to make their move flow and seamlessly. They are all looking wooden puppets moving by string attached on each joints.

Those moves in PCS standpoints are like your attempting to score by hand in soccer game. In the ladies figure skating, line and extension are meant to evoke aesthetic empathy. If you fail to produce them in the context of flow and continuity, your performance is a scuttled vessel in the sea.

Your PCS will plummet as deep as its depth.

Then you will ask. Why then, even if Edmunds is also so skinny like the two, she looks less a wooden puppet like? That's training. Although Edmunds' body type looks not much different from the other two, which means that her move could have resembled theirs, you can tell that saying that Edmunds looks quite less jagged is an understatement.

Mao Asada in 2014: This piece is the best of Mao Asada.

Above is Mao Asada in her best. Asada shows how to jump and move on ice. Your jump should at least resemble hers to be called jump.


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