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The Death of Junior Seau Adds Up to BIG Trouble For the NFL

Updated on September 28, 2012
Junior Seau, whose death is being mourned, played fast and furious for 19 seasons in the NFL.
Junior Seau, whose death is being mourned, played fast and furious for 19 seasons in the NFL. | Source

First and foremost as a human being, condolences should go out to the family and friends of Junior Seau. He was a HOF player who will be inducted shortly. It is sad to know he will not be around to enjoy that great accomplishment.

Seau was found dead in his home in Ocean Side California (San Diego) on Wednesday. Chargers fans, Dolphins fans, and Patriots Nation alike are all mourning his loss. He died far too young at the age of 43 from an apparent suicide (a self inflicted gunshot to the chest).

This begs the question though, was this a result of head trauma or too many hits to the head? Sadly, probably yes. Of course the facts are not all in and an autopsy has not been done, but I suspect that once it is it will be deemed that his brain was deteriorated as we have seen repeatedly from those who have committed suicide at an early age and were former NFL players.

The reason is clear. Repeated trauma to the head causes a deterioration of the brain. This is just one of the problems the NFL is facing now in regards to lawsuits by former players and their families and this is a BIG problem.

Some medical researchers found a few years back, when similar things had happened to others, that the brains of these players were seriously deteriorated, sometimes to a degree of an 80 year old man. Other researchers have found evidence that shows a potential link between ALS, or Lou Gehrig's disease, and repeated head trauma. And this study all began with a curious question. Why were more NFL players coming down with ALS type symptoms at a higher rate than the general population? Another study possibly linked brain deterioration to the same cause.

The researchers went back and checked on the man who the disease was named after. And what they found was surprising to say the least. They found that Lou Gehrig himself had in fact been knocked out several times after collisions and/or being hit with baseballs in the head. The results were not conclusive, but they were enough for reports to come out and more tests to be done.

Other researchers checked the brains of those who had died from either natural causes or suicide. There findings were clear. These men had brains that were seriously deteriorated as mentioned before. There was no disputing that fact.

My money is on the fact that their findings are accurate. Bottom line, repeated instances of jarring one's brain can't be good for your health. I don't need to be a doctor to state that with certainty. Heck, just look at Mohammed Ali.

Lawsuits have been piling up against the NFL by former players and their families and this suicide is just another can of gasoline that will fuel this large flame that is already burning at extreme temperatures. It could get so bad that the NFL we know and love will be changed to an almost unrecognizable form right before our eyes. It could even disappear.

Seau played fast and furious for a long time and if I remember correctly he had multiple concussions. Of course, this won't affect every person the same. Remember, there are those who smoke until they are 90 and never come down with cancer. However, the general rule is, do X excessively and Z will most likely happen. And it has so many times.

This is a sad story for all of the fans. This is a sad story for all of those who have lost a loved one who played in the NFL. This is also an alarming and sad story for current players. This will not be the last time we hear a similar story too. You can take that to the bank. This is just another example in a long line of them, sadly, that will cause a very BIG problem for the NFL.

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