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The Decline of the Redskins Around Dan Snyder

Updated on March 4, 2018

The Breakdown

I've been an avid and dedicated Redskins fan for 15 years, and I have witnessed way too many "rebuilding years" for the Redskins Franchise. In that span, I have seen Snyder's teams go to the playoffs only four times. That equates to one quarter of the seasons under Snyder's ownership being playoff worthy years. During that span, Washington has seen seven different head coaches at the helm, several of whom were proven and tested men who had success elsewhere, but could not cut it under Snyder. Joe Gibbs, Mike Shanahan, Marty Schottenheimer, and Norv Turner all failed during their stints as the Skins' head guy. Joe Gibbs was the only one out of that group to make more than one playoff during his tenure, but lets face it, that guy is a legend anyway.

Dan Snyder, Owner of the Washington Redskins

Dan Snyder
Dan Snyder | Source

The Market is ripe, but Snyder can't pick the fruit

The market that the Redskins appeal to is incredible. Not only do they boast the #3 team valuation according to Forbes list, but they have a top five stadium in terms of capacity. However, Snyder managed to let attendance fall 2,400 fans per game in 2013. Part of this is due to his mishandling of the whole name change situation. For those of you who aren't aware, some members of the Native American community in our country have come forward saying that they find the name "Redskins" offensive, and want it changed. Snyder has not budged an inch in the face of all this, and shows no signs of even considering a change. Snyder's stubbornness has provoked the involvement of various politicians who have spoken out on the matter, such as US Rep Betty McCollum, and former Minnesota Governor Jesse Ventura. This has contributed to widespread disdain for Snyder, as well as the franchise.

Redskins name protestors

Citizens protesting the offensive nature of the term Redskins
Citizens protesting the offensive nature of the term Redskins | Source

Micromanaging causes rifts

It's no secret that Snyder likes to be hands on in his organization. It works for Jerry Jones in Dallas, right? However, Snyder has trouble figuring out where to stop. Mike Shanahan was a guy who liked to do things his way, and wanted the freedom to do so. Sometimes, as an owner, you just have to trust the guys you've put in place and let them do their job. However, during Shanahan's entire tenure under the Redskins, there was a confusing, disruptive relationship between Shanahan, Snyder, and Robert Griffin III. Any team's success can be lifted to new heights be a good quarterback, which, in his first year, RG3 certainly was. However, it's hard to sustain that success when you are being pulled in two different directions by the owner and the head coach. This put excessive pressure on Griffin, promoted him to do too much on the field, led to him taking too many hits, and left him constantly plagued with injuries. Griffin played 15 games in 2012, 13 in 2013, and 9 in 2014. Just go to YouTube and search RG3 hits. You'll be cringing your way through it all, and will certainly not be surprised that, after his first year, his TD/INT ratio is 20/18. Snyder just needs to let his guys handle their business, and worry about seizing some of that massive market they have in DC.


Snyder may know a few things about making money, but he certainly isn't learning from his mistakes as an owner. He needs to spend less on the big name free agents, use a more hands off approach with his players and personnel, and concern himself a little more with the PR aspect of his club. The addition of Bruce Allen as president has done wonders for the franchise so far. This is the best step I've seen Snyder take in a long time. They are getting good value for free agents who will fill the gaps on their team, and not over reaching for flashy players. They'll also have a first round draft pick for the first time in 3 years, and should get a good infusion of youth that they are in desperate need of. Things are looking slightly up for the Redskins, but they will continue to be hampered with Dan Snyder at the helm. Unless he changes his ways, that is.

Snyder's Abysmal Stats

Snyder Ownership
Team Record Combined
# of Head Coaches
A brief overview of Snyder's failures


RG3's knee injury
RG3's knee injury | Source

Your Approval Matters

I would be interested to see what you, the general public, think of Dan Snyder as an NFL team owner. Does he stink, or is he just misunderstood? Let me know!

Do you approve of Dan Snyder?

Do you think Dan Snyder is a good team owner?

See results

RG3 Hits

Let me know what you think

I'v expressed a lot of opinions from my personal experience as a Redskins fan. However, I know everyone views things in different ways for different reasons. I want to know what you think of Dan Snyder, RG3, and the Redskins in general. Leave your comments below, even if you just want to try to troll me for being an incompetent writer, or a failure as a sports fan. Thanks for reading!


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