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The Electric Run, One Million Watts of Fun

Updated on June 4, 2013

The Electric Run is one million watts of light and sound, that could be coming to a city near you. Grab your running shoes, blacklight paint, glow sticks and whatever else you can think of to light up the night sky, as this 5k run looks to be unlike any other.

What excuses have you used to not run?

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Making Running Fun

Running has always been a great form of exercise and a way to relax and relieve stress for many people. With that being said, many people(including myself), try to come up with every excuse in the book as to why they can not run. Think about it. What kind of responses have you received when you asked someone else if they wanted to go run with you? Probably something similar to these:

  • "I hate running"
  • "Running is boring"
  • "I don't have time to run"
  • "I look weird when I run"
  • "I'm too tired"
  • "It's too hot/cold outside"

The list can go on and on. This might be why we have seen a recent increase in running events designed to be more entertaining. Some examples of these would be The Color Run, Color Me Rad, The Spartan Race and Tough Mudder. The latest is the Electric Run. All of these bring something new, fun and challenging to running and are sure to bring many new people to the sport.

What is the Electric Run?

Electric Run is a family friendly event and the brainchild of Vavi Sport & Social Club and the founders of Ragnar Relay. It brings together a 5k run, a show, participation art, and celebration of life. One million watts of light and sound along the 5k course immerse you into an electrical playground. Adding to the fun, participants are encouraged to wear glow sticks, black light paint, LEDs and anything else they can think of.

There are three ways that you can participate in the Electric Run, as an individual, team(4 or more) or centipede(4 or more). The difference between a team and centipede is that each member of the centipede will be given an LED rope that attaches to the other members of the centipede. If you want to get a centipede team together, you will need to Register soon as each race is limited to 25 centipedes.

The Electric Race will award prizes based on various categories for individuals, teams and centipedes. Some of the awards are "most artistic outfit", "blinding amount of light" and "longest centipede"

When you register for the Electric Run, in addition to the priceless fun and one of a kind light show, all participants will receive an event shirt, LED bracelets, glow necklace and glow sunglasses. But why stop with that. Add whatever you like to make yourself stand out. Cover yourself in LED lights, glow tubes, neon, black light paint or just your regular running attire.

So Much Fun!

This event looks like so much fun. One of the nice things about it, is that it is not a timed race. This means that anyone can do this and not have to worry about being too slow. You can walk, jog, push a stroller or even skip your way to the finish line. After you cross the finish line, the fun does not stop there. There is music, dancing and more.

I can not wait until the Electric Run comes to a city near me.

Check Out This Cool Video


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