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Roller Coaster Experience!!

Updated on August 18, 2017
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Freelance Writer and blogger "This is no art, we all can taste life as it is, once we stop judging and start accepting."


A roller coaster is a fun ride in all amusement parks and modern theme parks. Being the favourite spot for holidays and theme park option around the world, Walt Disney World has some exclusive rides. You can enjoy Space Mountain, Expedition Everest, the Rock 'n' Roller Coaster and you will realize the fact why the Disney World’s roller coasters are famous.

The whole idea behind a roller coaster ride is to give you the highest level of excitement in a safe environment. It is the 'feeling' people enjoy that they get on a roller coaster ride.

If you ask a person how they felt, after a ride, they will reply with the mixed emotions like initially, they were scared, jittery or alarmed but somewhere during the ride they started liking the thrust and the excitement. You can feel the adrenaline rush and suddenly notice the increased strength or increased energy and hence, the screaming takes place.


Recently, one of my best friend and big sister has experienced the roller coaster rides in Disneyland. She was on vacation with her husband. She was so thrilled while sharing her experience of the rides. While she was talking, I had the glimpse of the past when I saw her on an adventure ride for the first time (we used to be roommates then). She was shaking and crying after the ride. She took half an hour to get stable. That is the reason, I was surprised when she admitted she tried almost all the rides in the theme park recently. May be she is braver now…:)

But it was good to hear that she enjoyed the rides instead of getting panicked. Let me add here, she not only enjoyed the ride, she also sensed the spiritual and self-discovering feeling. Yes, that is one feeling that I thought is weird for a roller coaster ride. Later, I realized that it is actually true.

Below are some of my experiences on a roller coaster ride, cannot bet if I have gone too far!!

Before the ride starts, it’s the eagerness that makes the waiting difficult. I wanted the fun to start right away. The scenario is different for the people who are scared of rides and are trying the roller coaster for their friends’ or family’s sake. These people flash on all the things that they could be doing instead of going on a ride.

As the ride starts, while going up I have felt the rush of excitement through my veins and enjoyed the thrust. However, during the whole going up and down, everybody might have felt the fear from ‘final destination’, the movie. What if there is some mechanical issue with the ride. Have you ever felt that this can be your last moments before you die in an accident? This is the moment when you start evaluating your life, your to-do list in life, your bucket list etc. This is also the moment when you have the highest faith on greatest power of Universe that everything is going to be fine.

May be this is the reason people love roller coaster rides. They offer a chance of self-realization. You get detached of worldly problems and start assessing your life at spiritual level.

These rides deliver a lesson on how to overcome the seizure of unreasonable feelings in the mind. You can learn to let go of things that are out of your control. When on a roller coaster, you completely pander in that particular moment. This is a talent that helps to live life to its fullest. You realize that you are overflowing with the energy of life.

The most amazing part is - People mostly think about the positive events of their lives or about their loved ones in that exact moment when they think it’s their last. As these are the things that really matter in the end.

Keep enjoying, Keep Living!!



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