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The Ferris Wheel

Updated on October 14, 2011

The bucket tipped and swayed, ‘twas quite discomforting

As I gingerly stepped aboard.

Still it rocked unsteadily adding to the suffering,

My fear could not be ignored.


A subtle rumbling slowly began, increasing with intensity

As the last gate clicked in place.

Grinding gears meshing with inherent propensity

Began to pick up their pace.


With a sudden jerk upward, gravity a recent memory

The monster creaked and groaned.

Stifling cries and a shout with my future in jeopardy,

I just barely moaned.


In a fit of sudden bravery, I opened my eyes to see

What fate had in store.

With the ground below, I floated above the tallest tree

Surprised to learn I wanted more.


Rich autumn hues below, above a deep blue sky

Beauty as far as I could see.

The mighty Mississippi on the left, it slowly rambled by…

Couples walked hand in hand, in love…apparently.



©kwdowns 2011



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    • The RV Guy profile image

      The RV Guy 6 years ago from Somewhere In America

      Thank you for the kind words, elucidator...I'll have to check out Larson's works.

    • elucidator profile image

      elucidator 6 years ago from SoCal

      hey RV guy, the title and pic caught my eye because I read a great book this summer, The Devil in the White City by Erik Larson. It is about the Worlds Fair in Chicago at the end of the 19th century. Part of the greatness of the fair was the many inventions and one was the first Ferris Wheel. I look forward to reading Larson's other books. Great writer. I grew up in Chicago so that was my hook for reading the book, but I love it. Good job!