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The Future of the Red Sox is Now

Updated on August 3, 2016

Red Sox Futures

August 2nd marked the debut for blue chip prospect Andrew Benintendi in a Red Sox uniform. Even though it didn't go to plan his 0-2 performance is just a taste of the major league action he will have to face in the upcoming games. We've been told since last fall that Benintendi and Moncada are sure thing every day Major League prospects, and everything up until this point has been true.

With the Hanley injury looming over the Red Sox, what should be there next move? If Hanley takes a trip on the DL that makes first base a need, and with that comes the past experience of Travis Shaw at the position. The transition back to first would be easy for Shaw, and may instill confidence back in the slumping hitter.

This leaves third base open for the Red Sox, and it could easily be filled with trade pick-up Aaron Hill. Where would the fun be in that though? The answer to the question of " Who should play third base?" is Yoan Moncada. For the past week the AA affiliate to the Red Sox has had the prospect taking grounders at third, and is seeming to catch on fast.With the fast track of Benintendi from Portland to Boston is any indication of Dombrowski's plan Moncada should be next. If the Moncada call-up happens in 2016 the Red Sox will have 5 players under the age of 26 in their starting line-up. With both Moncada and Benintendi in the line-up the Red Sox may lack the veteran presence, but will make up for it in youth and vigor. The addition of Moncada's speed and Benintendi's bat the team should be a force to reckon with come October.

With these recent moves and acquisitions the Boston Red Sox are set up for many years to come. We can only wait and see if these move will pan out but if past success has any say in it we will be quite surprised with the outcome.

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