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The Good, The Bad, The Ugly of Wrestlemania 29

Updated on March 21, 2016

Wrestlemania 29


Every year wrestling fans wait with eager anticipation for the biggest spectacular of the year , “Wrestlemania.” The larger than life event makes it hard to live up to expectations from year to year. Now that the dust has settled, let’s examine what did and didn’t work for the event. Hopefully the WWE will take notes and avoid these pitfalls next year.

The Good

The Undertaker returned for one more match. The taker’ always rises to the occasion and puts on a good show for the audience. It has come to the point where people will ask “What is Wrestlemania without the Undertaker?” Every year the anticipation as to whether the Undertaker will stay undefeated becomes heart-stopping. He has wrestled the best on the biggest stage and hasn’t disappointed us.

The Rock wrestled through an injury. Reports have come in that The Rock had a muscle tear off of a bone in his abdomen. He also suffered a hernia early in the match. True to form, The Rock did what he says he always does, and that is “Just Bring It.” He helped save another pay-per-view event just as Mick Foley did years before in his Epic Hell in the Cell battle with the Undertaker.

Living Color performed “Cult of Personality” live for CM Punk’s entrance. The group still sounds as crisp as they did 20+ years ago when they first shook the world with their song. Performing this song put Punk in the zone to put on another wrestling classic.

Undertaker vs. CM Punk Wrestlemania 29


The Bad

The Miz didn’t make it to the “Main Card”. The Miz has been a huge talent for the WWE for the last few years. He has a nice sized cult following. After headlining Wrestlemania, he falls to the pre-card, a time where people are standing in line getting their food in preparation for the actual event. Other fans are stuck in line in the restroom or fighting for a parking space outside. WWE, what was your reasoning for this?

The Intercontinental Title (nor the U.S Title) were defended on the “main card.” The IC title has rich history. It has been coveted by many wrestlers. There are former IC champs that have never captured the WWE Championship, yet they still made it to the WWE Wrestling Hall of Fame. Others have used this title as a spring board to the #1 contender spot for the WWE World Heavyweight title. The Ricky Steamboat/Randy Savage match in Wrestlemania III stole the show. And to put a title defense on a pre-card, is nothing more than deplorable.

The Tag Team Combination of The Big Show, Shameus, and Randy Orton was pointless and awkward. This team didn’t jell together (I know that was the point). They didn’t bring anything exciting to the table. The Shield easily took care of the “good guys.” The storyline after the match where Big Show turns on partners was predictable and lame. If the WWE wanted to do something more exciting, putting them in a “Triple Threat Match” (which I can’t stand) would have been a more interesting option.

The WWE didn’t give the “Show Off” a chance to steal the show. Dolf was stuck in an otherwise pointless tag team match that he wan only in the ring for 3-4 minutes. I know that match was made to introduce the world to Big E Langston, but in the words of the late-great Owen Hart “What about Me?” I also know they were planning on having Ziggler cash in his “Money In the Bank” contract the next evening on raw. However, legends and memories are made in Wrestlemania. I would have much rather saw a Jericho/Ziggler classic that would have brought the fans to their feet in a standing ovation.

The Miz wins the Intercontinental Title at the Wrestlemania 29 pre-show.
The Miz wins the Intercontinental Title at the Wrestlemania 29 pre-show. | Source

The Ugly

The Rock and John Cena match took a step back from their match the year before. Anybody who would say they would want to see the tie breaker trilogy match between The Rock and John Cena would be out of their minds. The end of the match was laden with boring reversals of the opponents signature finishing maneuvers. Using smart strategy regardless of the sport would include knowing your opponents tendancies. To go along with this, it would be smart to include a new play or move to throw your opponent off guard. I was waiting for that ahh, oh moment. Unfortunately it never came. The popular opinion was that the finish was not only predictable, but stale. It was an end to a very mediocre Wrestlemania.

Where was the pageantry? Wrestlemania usually brings out TV and Movies biggest stars. This gives this event an extraordinary feeling. Just think about the vivid memories of Liberace dancing in the ring, Muhammed Ali being the special enforcer, Aretha setting off Wrestlemania Iii on the good foot with America the Beautiful. Having celebrities participating and hovering around, gives this event a special feeling. Without them it just feels incomplete.

Feedback on Wrestlemania

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