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The Hobby of Fishing

Updated on September 5, 2018
Tricia Deed profile image

Tricia Deed spends time with friends and their metal detectors prospecting for valuables. Her favorite prospecting site is the beach.


Fishermen fishing from their boat
Fishermen fishing from their boat | Source

Fishing Is A Popular Pastime

You are not alone in this hobby. In 2006, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service estimated that 30.0 million U.S. anglers, 16 years old and older took 403 million fishing trips, spending $42.0 billion in fishing related expenses. Of these, 25.4 million were freshwater anglers who took 337 million trips and spent $26.3 billion. Saltwater fishing attracted 7.7 million anglers who took 67 million trips and spent $8.9 billion.

And you may have thought that fishing was an uninteresting or boring hobby.

River Fishing

Fishing from the edge of a river.
Fishing from the edge of a river. | Source

Why Fishing?

There seemingly are as many reasons for fishing and there are fishermen.

  1. Peaceful activity
  2. Quiet time
  3. The enjoyment of listening to nature; the lake, river, or ocean and the birds and other wildlife
  4. Time with Mother Nature
  5. Thinking time
  6. The reward of eating the catch of the day
  7. The challenge of catching fish or catching the biggest fish in the lake
  8. Fishing competitions
  9. It is gainfully relaxing and renewing of spirit
  10. The satisfaction of outwitting the fish
  11. Being with fishing buddies and enjoying the day
  12. It’s an affordable hobby
  13. Discovering the best fishing spot
  14. Traveling to different states or countries
  15. Excellent family activity
  16. Great conversations with family members or friends
  17. Learning to develop patience
  18. The thrill of hooking a big fish and fighting to land it
  19. Not knowing what you will catch

Surf Fishing

Angler doing surf fishing at his favorite North Sea coastline..
Angler doing surf fishing at his favorite North Sea coastline.. | Source

Fishing Sites

Fishing can be done by a river, lake, stream, or ocean.

As a general rule the fish which you are catching will end up in the frying pan and therefore are called pan fish. These pan fish like to swim in areas which are near the shoreline.

Are you fishing in a lake or pond?

The fish can be found under lily pads, among reeds and weeds, or hiding under trees, large rocks, and the underbrush. They are seeking these areas for food and protection from their predators.

Are you fishing in a stream?

Check under hedges, trees, ledges, rocks under a gentle current, and deep water.

Are you fishing from a boat dock?

Sunfish, large mouth bass, and Bluegill are usually found around wooden boat docks. Do cast fishing along the sides of the boat dock as well as deep waters.

Fish are no different than human beings. They like to provide themselves with safe shelter, easy swimming facilities, and access to food sources.

The best time of the year to fish:

Fish during the spring months when they have awaken from the winter and in the fall when they are preparing for the winter months.

During the summer and winter months they will hide from the summer heat or the extreme cold.

So when is the best time of the day to fish?

  1. Fish an hour before or after a sunrise. Once the sun and the heat of the day start the fish are hiding.
  2. The next best time is a couple of hours before and after sunset.
  3. Night fishing is at its best when the moon is big and bright.

How To Discover A Favorite Fishing Spot

Wherever you can catch the type of fish you want and catch the most fish in the shortest amount of time.

Tips and Guidelines:

  • Select fresh water, or sea water, or a combination of both waters.
  • What fish are running and are they the type of fish that you want to catch?
  • Acquaint yourself with the habits of the selected fish.
  • Equip your self with the right fishing equipment.
  • Live baits or fishing lures should meet the fish’s interest.
  • Check water conditions, food availability, time of day, tide levels, weather conditions
  • Observe the results of your successful fishing efforts.

Most fishermen that I talk to say that after you find your favorite fishing hole, do not tell anyone; enjoy your personal secret.

Fish Lure

Real live bait or artificial lures may be used in fishing.
Real live bait or artificial lures may be used in fishing. | Source

Fishing Baits

There are 3 common pan fish; catfish, bass, and perch. The baits which can be used are:

  1. Chicken liver or gut cuttings
  2. Baby crayfish
  3. Worms - night crawlers and red wigglers
  4. Minnows which are caught in the same waters where you will be fishing.
  5. Dough bait purchased or make your own.
  6. Corn kernel, snails, crickets, bees, and other insects.
  7. Pork rind
  8. Spin casting rod with your favorite artificial flies or better yet use the insects which are common to the fishing spot.

Overall, fish will eat anything. Check your local fishing spot to see what their natural food is and use it. Fish are attracted to scent and movement. Live bait moves. If fishing with still bait, move your fishing line to create activity.

Live bait can be purchased at the local sporting good shops, or from your backyard, refrigerator, or the fishing spot. Still bait can be created from foodstuffs found in the pantry.

Time of Day

What kind of fish are you planning on catching? Know the best time of the day to guarantee a catch.
What kind of fish are you planning on catching? Know the best time of the day to guarantee a catch. | Source

7 Fishing Tips

  1. Check on the time of day and month to fish for your favorite catch-of-the-day.
  2. Be certain that you are using the correct bait, hook, and fishing pole.
  3. After you catch the fish you utilize a fish storage line, a bucket of ice, or a cooler.
  4. Decide if you will clean the fish on location or at home. Are you a gardener? Use discarded parts of fish for fertilizer.
  5. Wear sunblock lotion, a hat, sunglasses, and other protective clothing. Wear appropriate non-skid soles on boats to avoid slipping and falling.
  6. Mosquito repellent may be needed.
  7. Pack cool drinks, sandwiches, and snacks. I recommend salty snacks and drink water to avoid dehydration.

The Large Fish Catch and The Big One

Fisherman with big catch
Fisherman with big catch | Source

Benefits of Fishing

Fishing is a fun hobby which can be done by anyone.The overall requirements are enjoying the art of relaxing in the quiet outdoors and the patience to wait for the fish to bite.

  1. People have many fish stories to tell. There is always the story about the "big one" that got away. Or stories and evidence of the large fish catch.
  2. There is physical exercise for the angler. Your arms will be used to cast the line and to handle the net bringing the fish in before it chances to lose its grip on the hook. Depending on the shoreline there may be some walking along the shore or wading into the creek, river, or ocean.
  3. Fishing is mentally relaxing. Enjoy the fresh air, the quietness of the environment except for occasional bird chirps or the rush or gentle wave splashes of water.
  4. Fishing is an exercise in patience. Whether you choose to sit or stand there will be a waiting time for the fish to take the bait. This patience awards you with relaxation. Fishing is a slow process; a getaway hobby from rushing or meeting deadlines.
  5. Fishing is appealing to parents, couples, singles, and children. Parents, grandparents, and couples are able to share hours of conversation and bonding without distractions.
  6. Everyone will find fishing to be affordable, easy to learn, and a very pleasant quiet hobby.

People Need Fishing Licenses or Permits

Bears know where the fish are running. You should too for a successful fishing trip with a string of results.
Bears know where the fish are running. You should too for a successful fishing trip with a string of results. | Source

Fishing Permits and Licenses

Every community has a body of water where fresh water or salt water fishing can be done by the general public.

Before you start fishing you will want to check with the Fish and Wildlife Agency in your state. Permits or licenses may be needed.

In my state of Florida children under the age of 16 and Florida residents age 65 and over may fish without permits or licenses.

In addition, the Fish and Wildlife has a list of all the fishing places in your state. They will also have lists of fish nurseries and which stocked bodies of water are available. This department will also let you know what type of fish are available and the best time of the year to fish for your favorites.

The U. S. Fish and Wildlife Service manages over 270 National Wildlife Refuge Fishing Programs including saltwater fishing to using ice tipups on high elevation lakes.

How To Find Local Fishing Spots Using Google Maps!

Fishy Questions

Do you prefer pole fishing or fly rod fishing?

See results


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    • profile image

      Tricia Deed 

      4 years ago

      Net fishing is fun and if in the right location you can catch more fish than with a hook and line. When it comes to netting I enjoy shrimping. We generally shrimp from the bridge using a net at the end of a 24 foot pole.

    • profile image

      Miebakagh Fiberesima 

      4 years ago

      Hi Tricia friend, all these methods and tips are good. But I prefer swinging the net into the river and net dropping. These two methods builds a powerful shoulder, hands, hip and leg muscles in exercise form, and induced a more relax state.

      Your post is great. Thank you.

    • profile image

      Tricia Deed 

      4 years ago

      Thank you for your interesting comment. I guess you are able to tell that I live in the United States and not familiar with the world scenario. I will need to do research and write about fishing worldwide.

    • Madcaravanner profile image

      Graham Wilson 

      4 years ago from North Derbyshire, UK

      Oh Dear

      Fishing everywhere else in the world is a way of life not a hobby

      Fishing terms in the USA are different to The UK the way of fishing is different and in a lot of countries NO KILL is a necessity when fishing and all the catch are returned alive that includes Sea Fish too

      A good hub for American angling style but more needed to apply it to a world scenario


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