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The Hunters Perfect Arsenal

Updated on September 28, 2017

Hunting, from the dawn of time it has been a sport and a way for man to get their own food. If you aren't lazy enough to go to the grocery store here is the Hunters Perfect Arsenal. Take in mind though that these might not be the perfect in your eyes but with multiple sites and research I will see which ones have the best attributes.

Bolt-Action Rifle: When it comes to hunting many folks like to use bolt action guns, these weapons provided some good power but have to manually reload each shot into the chamber using a bolt unlike a Semi Automatic which can be fired continuously with each pull of the trigger. One of the best guns for this is the Ruger M77 Hawkeye. This gun boasts excellent reviews on Top Gun Review, from trigger to reliability getting excellent with only the fit/finish getting a very good and the disassembly getting a good. A great bolt action rifle with great reviews and a good finish. The gun itself ranges from around $859.00 to $1,099.00 so it is a bit pricy but well worth it.

Bow and Arrow: Bow and arrows were used to help with long range combat before guns or the like were involved, even today many folks will use these weapons for sporting events or just to hunt. The Recurve Bow is what many experts say beginners should use, unlike the Compound Bow the Recurve doesn't have as many parts and usually comes bare, some things can be added but many say that should be after you learn how to use it. The Compound Bow was first introduced in the 1960's, it has more parts but doesn't get effected by humidity or the temperature so it is more capable of having greater accuracy. The Diamond Archery Infinite Edge Pro Bow is highly recommended, it has a farther pull back for those who like to draw farther and is capable of shooting multiple arrows. It ranges from $300.00 to $400.00 on Amazon. If you prefer to use a bow and arrow while hunting just remember it takes some practice, you will need to find your maximum draw weight and learn to aim.

Side Arm: In many situations you will want a sidearm, whether you are hunting or going down a mean street. Handguns give you the protection without having to carrying around a big rifle. Now their are two kinds of handguns, Pistols and Revolvers. If you don't know what a revolver is go check out any western movie ever. For pistols one of the best guns I could find was the HK45 Compact, it is much like the Tactical version but in a tighter frame. The HK45 comes with a standard 8-round clip, a 10-round can also be added if wanted. The HK45 is ambidextrous so it can be used with either hand, it also has a Polygonal Rifling for longer barrel life and increased accuracy. My uncle had one of these and he said he loved it.

Revolvers are a bit different when it comes to a handgun, usually they come in with six bullets to perhaps twelve if chosen the right gun. A revolver needs to be manually reloaded, they do not come with clips unless you have a speed reloaded, the most recommended one I could find was the Ruger Blackhawk 357. The Blackhawk 357 is a Revolver, six rounds which shoots a .357Magnum bullet. If you want a good gun to take out with you while hunting this is it, it has a good reputation of being affordable and durable. You can find one on BudsGunsShop.Com for around $600.

Knife: A knife is a very valuable tool when out in the woods, you can use it a variety of ways from skinning animals to cutting up wood to make some tools and traps. One of the best knives I know and have owned myself is a knife from Harbor Freight, it is an $9.00 knife and works very well despite the price. An 8in blade, aluminum handle and a stainless steel blade this knife also comes with a small storage compartment in the hilt with things such as: Fishing hook and line, matches and a few other useful items. If it is a knife you want that is cheap but very durable look no further then this one. It even comes with a compass which proves useful.

Machete: Machetes are a useful item for cutting down trees and for keeping something sharp nearby if needed. The Gerber Sawback Machete is one such a tool. It comes with a rubber handle, 18in blade and a saw edge on the back of the machete, it also has a nylon sheath with some plastic covering on the inside to help keep it well in its years of use. I also have one of these blades, they come somewhat sharp but can easily be fixed and have a good bite, a few swings can cut down a four inch wide tree very easily. I can tell you one of these will be helpful when out in the woods. You can get it for about $25.00 on the Basspro website.


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