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The Importance of your Golf Bag

Updated on May 3, 2013

When it comes to golf, few things are more important to a golfer than his golf bag. They come in so many styles and variations of colors that one is bound to please even the pickiest golfer, no matter what they're shopping for.

One of my must-have features of a golf bag is that it must have legs. This prevents the golfer from having to bend down to pick a club up before every swing. This comes in handy at the driving range and if your walking the course. Let's face it, there's enough bending down in golf as it is. Make sure your next bag has legs and I bet you'll thank me for it.

While all golf bags have the compartment for the golf clubs, there are differences. Some have just one large open hole so you can sling all your clubs in it. Others have a 2-4 dividers to somewhat separate the clubs from one another. This is a little more organized than the first option, yet still not my favorite solution. I much rather have a golf bag that has individual tubes for each club. This allows you to keep all your clubs in the right spot and is highly organized. The tubes also help save the grip on your clubs by preventing them from getting tangled up with the other club grips.

Another factor to consider is the amount of pockets your golf bag has. In my opinion, you can't have too many pockets. You'll need one to hold your bag hood, just in case the rain starts to pour while you're at the course. Another pocket for some towels, especially in the summer months. You definitely don't want sweat dripping into your eyes while trying to make an important putt. I also suggest packing a few extra towels. I like to keep my tees and divot tool in another pocket, towards the top, for easy access. And most importantly, you'll need a pocket to house your golf balls. One big enough to hold at least a dozen balls, more if possible.

While I do speak highly of pockets, keep in mind that most likely you will be the one lugging this thing around the course. You don't want a bag so large that you can't comfortable walk it around 18 holes.

If you think this is too much to consider, just imagine playing a course without a bag. It wouldn't be any fun to have to walk around 18 holes carrying 11 or so clubs, a box of balls in your back pocket, tees in the front pocket, your divot tool in your other front pocket, and a towel hanging out your remaining back pocket. You'd have to drop all those clubs before every swing, then pick them right back up before moving on to the next hit. I realize that this is a bit of an extreme example, but I'm trying to illustrate how important a golf bag truly is to your golf game. With a properly equipped bag, you're ready for everything and can use that piece of mind to concentrate on your game.


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